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Building Use Application

The United Methodist Church of Evergreen has a number of spaces available to rent, suitable for meetings, conferences, receptions and weddings. Our spaces include the 185 seat sanctuary, a large fellowship room and classrooms for 10 to 25.

Please contact the church office for Wedding and Memorial Event guidelines. 303-674-4810

A security deposit of $75 is required within one week of confirmation from the church to secure your date and space. (The deposit check will be held by UMCE and returned to the user following the event if no damage has occurred.)

To reserve a room, contact the office at 303-674-4810, or download our building use form and return it with your security deposit of $75 (refundable).





New Key Pad

A key pad has been installed on the rear church door that leads to the parking lot. If you have a key it will not work in the keypad, but will still work on the front door Please stop by the church office and you will be given a code and instructions. Office hours are Monday-Thursday. 9:00—3:00 and Fridays 9:00—12:00.


The primary purpose of the United Methodist Church of Evergreen is to carry out the ministries of the church.

The Board of Trustees of the United Methodist Church of Evergreen affirms the historic commitment of this congregation to expand its outreach into the surrounding mountain community by offering the use of its facility to other religious, charitable, cultural, educational or character-building organizations and individuals. Such use may not interfere with normal church function. It is intended that any use of the facilities will be in keeping with the United Methodist tradition of reverence to God and with respect of one’s neighbor and that all events are in harmony with basic Christian Principles.

Groups wishing to use the Church facilities may request permission through the Church office. At such time, an “Application for Building Use” will be provided, along with the Facility Use information. No commitment for building use is finalized until the Building Use Agreement has been completed and signed and approved by the Board of Trustees or its designees. The Board of Trustees authorizes, as designees, the Pastor, the Office Manager or Office Assistant to schedule groups.

Use shall be granted in the following order of priority:

1. Church Ministries and Programs (including member weddings and memorial services)

2. Benevolent non-profit groups sponsored by or related to the Church

3. Non-profit community groups

4. Weddings/memorial services of non members

5. Profit-making groups and functions, must be approved by Trustees

6. Kitchen usage for non Church functions

Policies and provisions

1. The use of any space shall not conflict with the schedule of program ministries and groups

of the UMCE.

2. Space shall be made available for community groups requesting, on a first-come, first served


3. Groups who use the church must provide a copy of their tax-exempt certificate.

4. The adult signing the contract assumes responsibility for enforcement of Building Use Rules and must

be with the group at all times when the facility is in use. Forfeiture of privileges for violation may result.

5. All user groups, including church programs, ministries, and members, will agree to the

Building Use Rules presented to them at the time of scheduling.

6. On going contracts must be signed and renewed on a yearly basis.

7. The Board of Trustees is authorized to refuse any request or cancel any activity if the

activity does not conform to the use, intent or restrictions outlined in this policy.

8. The Board of Trustees must approve any variation from or exceptions to this Building Use Policy.

9. No food or drink is allowed in the sanctuary, without prior approval from the Trustees.

10. No weapons or illicit drugs are allowed in the building or on the Church property.

11. Some activities may require you to provide your own insurance and provide proof thereof, if

activity is not covered by the Church Insurance Policy.


General Rules

We welcome you to use the facility of the United Methodist Church of Evergreen and ask your cooperation in following the guidelines.

1. A key will be issued to the responsible person (agreement signer) for each organization/group, which uses the church on a regular basis, outside of normal church hours. You must sign for the key when you make the required $75.00 deposit. For one time usage the key will be issued 2 business days prior to the event or as coordinated with the Church office staff. The deposit will be returned if there is no damage and the key is returned promptly.

2. The Church key shall not be used by unauthorized persons. Forfeiture of privileges could result. You must report loss of key to the church office immediately. A $10 charge will be assessed for all lost keys.

3. The church is a NO SMOKING facility. Noncompliance will result in cancellation of contract and loss of deposit.

4. There are NO WEAPONS, or ILLICIT DRUGS allowed in or on the church property. Noncompliance will result in cancellation of contract and loss of deposit.

5. Return all chairs and tables to their original locations in all rooms.

6. The church may not be used for storage by any outside group. All groups must remove any non-church equipment used on the property at the end of the meeting, unless arrangements have been made in advance. No long term storage is allowed.

7. No church equipment shall be taken from the church, except for use at Trustee approved church functions.

8. You shall not move the pianos. Deposit may be forfeited.

9. All trash must be picked up and deposited into the kitchen receptacles and the building left neat and clean at the conclusion of your activity. If use of a vacuum is needed, location is in the janitorial closet between the restrooms.

10. All groups using the facility after 10PM on any night must show restraint regarding noise in the building and parking lot.

11. When using tables, please cover them if using markers or other indelible products.

12. Children and youth are to be supervised at all times and not allowed to wander freely. There must be two adults (18 or older) for up to 10 children and one adult for each additional child and that adult must be at least 5 years older than the oldest child/youth. A room can be rented for use by your children during your meeting. It must be coordinated by the Childcare Coordinator and staffed by our certified childcare person and paid by your group or organization.

13. Use of any rooms or facilities not listed on the contract may void said contract and may result in loss of usage and deposit. Bathrooms are included in all room usage contracts.

14. No tacks or staples or tape are to be used on the walls or floor. Only painters tape may be used. No food may be taken into the Sanctuary unless prior approval from the Trustees has been obtained. Rice, confetti or glitter is not allowed.

15. Snow removal is not a guarantee during the winter months. If an extra snow plowing is required of the parking lot because of the rental, the user will be billed for the church’s cost.

16. For outside groups, no supplies will be provided by the Church. For example: paper, photocopier, computers, etc. The use of Sunday School supplies is prohibited.

17. Use of the Sanctuary does not include use of the organ, audio/visual equipment. Prior approval from the Trustees and/or Director of Music is necessary and fees will be incurred if usage is required, $25/hour, 2 hour minimum.

18. Any group or individual using the Church building is responsible for any damage done to the Church building or its contents.

19. The United Methodist Church of Evergreen reserves the right to cancel or reschedule an event on the occasion of a member Memorial Service or critical Church function.

20. When you leave---PLEASE---TURN OUT LIGHTS



Windows and doors left open and unlocked will result in loss of deposit.



1. Kitchen usage must be approved by the Fellowship Coordinator of the Lay Care Ministries. Approved caterers (approved by the Fellowship Coordinator) must be used. A member of the Church, assigned by the Lay Care Ministries, must be present during functions to supervise kitchen use by the caterer and paid $25/hr., 2 hour minimum.

2. Church plates, cups, and silverware can be used. You must provide your own linen and dishtowels. All service ware used must be thoroughly cleaned and returned to the proper place. You must provide your own paper products.

3. If serving food or using the kitchen, thoroughly wash all dishes, utensils, coffee pots, etc. Wipe clean the tables, sinks, chairs and countertops.

4. Each group/organization must supply its own paper plates and cups, napkins, etc. Any food brought in for an event must be marked and identified with the name of the organization. All foods must be removed at the end of the event.


6. All Weddings, Receptions, and Memorial Services, Member and Non Member, must be scheduled and coordinated with the Lay Care Ministries/Fellowship Ministries.


(Form must be FULLY filled out)

United Methodist Church of Evergreen

3757 S. Ponderosa Drive

Evergreen Co. 80439


Group Name: _________________________________________________

Contact (Responsible) Person: ___________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________

Phone: _________________________________________________

Group Size: __________ Group Age: Adult____ Youth____ Child____

Purpose of Use and Activity:

Date(s) for Requested Use: ______________________________________

Time of Use Requested: From: ________________ To: ______________

Equipment: # Tables____________ # Chairs_____________

Special Needs:

Request Use of the Following Area(s):

_____Sanctuary _____Fellowship Hall _____Library (12) _____Lower Level Lounge

_____Choir Room (10) _____Couch Room (11) _____Kitchen (must be approved by Lay Care)

Is Childcare Needed? ______Yes _____No

Non-Profit Group _____Yes _____No Non-Profit ID #______________

Does your Group have Insurance? _____Yes _____No Copy provided______

Is this event being sponsored by a UMCE member? _____No _____Yes

Name of sponsoring member_________________________________

Every effort will be made to honor your specific room request however there may be occasions when an alternate room may be substituted.

Building Use Application Page 2

Waiver of Liability

United Methodist Church of Evergreen assumes no responsibility or liability for any damage or injuries that occur while using the Church’s facilities or on the Church’s grounds. Any group or individual using Church property shall indemnify and hold harmless the United Methodist Church of Evergreen from any claim, suit, demand, or action arising out of said group or individual’s use of the Church property or presence thereon. Any group or individual using the Church property assumes the risk of damage or injury thereof and hereby releases United Methodist Church of Evergreen, its trustees, employees, and agents from any and all liability related to use of this property.

I, ___________________________, representing the above stated group or individual have received a copy of the Church Policy for use of the Church building. I have read it carefully and agree to abide by the policies and guidelines of the church and the Waiver of Liability. I understand that our group deposit will be forfeited if our group does not adhere to the policies stated in this document, and/or the key is not returned in the week immediately following our scheduled event.

Signed: _______________________________ Dated: ___________________

Office Use Only:

The above application is hereby APPROVED as described.

_________________________________ __________________

Pastor, Office Staff, Trustee Representative Date


Lay Care Representative (if needed)

Deposit received: ____________ Date __________Staff persons Initials

Key Issued: _________________Date __________Staff persons Initials

Key received by: _______________________________

Deposit Received $______________________________

Other fees paid $________________________________

Donation received $______________________________

Fellowship Coordinator contacted if Kitchen Use requested_______________

Childcare Coordinator Contacted__________________

Date Key Returned: ______________ Deposit Returned: ____________

Revised 11-6-10

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