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The leadership and committees of UMC Evergreen want to share their work with you. Below you will find our most recent Church Council Meetings. notes from committee meetings, and other important pieces of news and

information from the different leadership groups in our church community.

Inclusiveness Team Meeting

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Attendance: Russell Fletcher, Katie Zapotoczny, Pem Dunn, Jeanne Ambrosier, Marlene Waltz, Donna Mullins, Ann Gerteis, and Bill Graf via cell phone


Bill Graf opened our meeting with prayer via cell phone connection.

Economic Diversity Jeanne Ambrosier reported.

It was decided there would be a movie night June 12, 2016 with pizza served at 6:00 pm and the movie shown at 6:30 pm. The movie Zootopia would be a good choice. It was suggested that the movie be shown on the large screen. Katie volunteered to help Jeanne.

Jeanne reported that the group focusing on homeless in the Evergreen area, Evergreen Emergency Severe Weather Sweep, had had a successful practice session. The group hopes to be operational starting next winter.

Jeanne shared Lorna Idol's report from the brain storming session on inner-generational interaction suggestions from last Sunday's adult education class. See attached report.

Jeanne attended a Rocky Mountain Conference Church and Society meeting concerned with Colorado Amendment #69. More information can be found at www.ColoradoCareYES.co. Bill Graf said that he knows a health care consultant that might be willing to do a presentation for the adult education class. The League of Women Voters might be willing to do a program on the ballot issues as they have done in the past for the adult education class or the Men's Breakfast with the women invited for the program.

Jeanne noted two movies, Sick Around the World and The Dark Side of Chocolate ( fair trade issues), that might be suitable for adult education classes.

Persons with Disabilities Katie Zapotoczny reported.

All agreed that Priscilla Grissom presentation on opportunities for the church to support persons with autism was very well received. It was pointed out that lighting and noise can be very distracting to person with autism. Donna volunteered to walk through the church building with a person with autism to note distractions in the building. Marlene Waltz shared some ideas and tools that might be helpful to people with autism. Marlene had a catalog of items that might be used in working with people with autism. Katie will share the catalog with Sarah.

It was suggested that Priscilla be asked to do a presentation for the whole congregation about being understanding and supportive of persons with autism. Russell suggested an appropriate time would be Children's Sunday.

Katie will put in Happenings and the Canyon Courier information about Temple Grandin's talk in Westminster, April 11, 2016.

Katie will be in touch with Sarah about a grant from the national Methodist Church encouraging churches to work with persons with autism in the congregation.

Tracy Atlas had shared with Katie about a program at the Waterstone Community Church where parents can leave children with autism for a short time freeing parents to run errands.

Name Change

It was decide to discuss changing the name of our group from Inclusiveness Team to Church and Society Team when Meredith is available to be with us.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be April 18 at 6:30 pm.

Ann Gerteis

Missions Team Minutes

United Methodist Church of Evergreen

February 11, 2016

In Attendance: Joyce Snapp, Roger Ambrosier, Mac and Nancy DeGuire, Linda Schroeder, Janice Vickery, Pem and Jo Ann Dunn, Tracy Atlas, Jo Ann Vogt

Joyce Snapp was our Fearless Leader.

The meeting was opened with a prayer.

Reports on Recent, Previous Activities

The Christmas toy collection, UMCE’s Alternative Christmas Fair and food donations were all deemed to have gone well with appreciative recipients.

It was mentioned that there were not as many UMCE volunteers at the Alternative Gift Fair as there have been in previous years.

It was mentioned that the liturgist should announce what the baskets with food donation paper slips are for on the 2nd Sunday of the month. Jo Ann Vogt will make a little sign to put on the podium to remind the liturgist.

Fair Trade Coffee – Michael had sent an email prior to the meeting about the Fair Trade Coffee situation. We apparently lost $750 in the last year and price increases on the coffee, tea, cocoa and chocolate was brought up in the email. There was concern the effectiveness of raising prices and several members felt the items were too expensive already. Fair Trade coffee is available at Costco at lesser prices. There aren’t very many sales each month as it is and raising prices may eliminate sales altogether. Members questioned if this coffee program needs to be rethought because the church cannot afford to absorb this loss. Do the farmers really get the money and who could answer that question. It was suggested that some research be done on whether buying fair trade coffee from another source might be an option but real research has to be done on the costs. This was tabled for consideration at the next meeting.

The Missions Team is responsible for selling coffee on Sunday, April 3rd.

Before and after 8:30 – no volunteers – Michael was suggested as a possibility but we need to check with him.

Before and after 10:30 – Joyce Snapp

Communion Offerings – Bill Graf had sent an email suggesting we donate our Communion Offering on Feb 7th go to the Rwanda Women’s empowerment Fund instead of to Global AIDS. However, because of the missed meeting (because of weather) this was never presented to the team or voted on and the envelopes stated the money would go to the Global AIDS fund. Because the money was collected for this, it was decided that was where the money had to go. When we decide which groups to sponsor next year, we can revisit this. Also, the Rwanda Women’s empowerment group could be added to the UMCE Christmas Fair. It was mentioned that the Global Aids Fund is now called the Center for Health and Hope.

Family Promise – Jo Ann Dunn reported. Jo Ann read the results of a survey from the clients serviced by Family Promise. All respondents were very appreciative. A newsletter reported on the success of the Mentor Aid program and encouraged volunteers share their stories on National Volunteer Week.

Our next weekend is April 1st and 2nd.

Friday, April 1st - meal - ?

Overnight - ?

Saturday, April 2nd - meal - Janice Vickery

Overnight - ?

If you would like to volunteer, please contact Jo Ann Dunn.

Coffee House host duties for February – the missions team provides hosts for the coffee hour in February. As a reminder for the rest of the month, the following have volunteered:

Feb 14 – 8:30 – Bill Graf

10:30 – Janice Vickery

Feb 21 – 8:30 – Marilyn Gildersleeve

10:30 – Tray Atlas

Feb 28 – 8:30 – Joyce Snapp

10:30 – Linda Schroeder

Budget – no report

EChO Shower Fund – Jo Ann Vogt reported that $600 had been transferred to the shower fund at EChO. They will let us know when they need more.

Syrian Refugee Crisis – Michael sent a brochure on the UN’s efforts in the area of the Syrian Refugees. After much discussion, many on the team felt that donating through UMCOR, if we have the funds to do so, would be a better option. Joyce Snapp is going to do some research on exactly what UMCOR is doing in regards to this specific crisis and will report at the next meeting. It was mentioned that we have an immigration crisis in the United States with refugees coming from Mexico and Central America and should we be supporting that. It was brought up also, that we would have to fund raise or have a special offering to raise funds. This will be discussed further at the next meeting.

Mexican Luncheon – Sunday March 6th

It was decided that the Youth Group Missions trip to the San Luis Valley, to assist La Puente (the bridge), a group that benefits homeless, the poor and immigrants near Alamosa, will be the beneficiary of the funds raised by the Mexican Lunch. Nancy DeGuire will coordinate the luncheon, Mac DeGuire will be Chef and Bill Graf will do the shopping. If people could start to arrive about 9:30 to start setting up, that would be helpful. In addition, the following people have volunteered to bring casseroles/food:

Jo Ann Vogt – 1 casserole

Jo Ann & Pem Dunn – 2 corn casseroles

Joyce Snapp – 1 casserole

Roger Ambrosier – 1 casserole

Janice Vickery – 2 casseroles

Linda Schroeder – 2 casseroles

Mac and Nancy DeGuire – 2 casseroles

*I hope these are correct – I was writing very quickly and if I got this wrong, let me know.

As always, help with clean-up is GREATLY appreciated!!

Nancy will be contacting Kristin to include the Mexican Luncheon information in Happenings and the bulletin. * note – Nancy did this and Kristin will try to get it in this week’s bulletin but if not, it will be in the next couple of weeks. It will be in Happenings starting Friday.

Upcoming Missions Team Meeting Chairs (otherwise known as Fearless Leader)

March 1st – Tracy Atlas

April 5 – Linda Schroeder

May 3 – Jo Ann Dunn

September 6 –

October 4 –

Our next meeting is Tuesday, March 1st at 6pm

Joyce closed with a prayer.

Respectfully Submitted,

Nancy DeGuire


The reorganization of the Lay Care Team began on Jan 21. Present were the following: Bill Graf, Clyde Banks, Dave Loomis, Marcia Loomis, Janice Vickery, Candy Hastedt, Diane Fletcher, Meredith Rupe, and Pastor Fletcher. Not present but wanting to be on the team: Julie Cleminshaw, Janine Payton.

After a devotional by Pastor Fletcher we began with a discussion of meals for those coming home from hospitalization (including new moms). It was decided the church would appropriately respond with a meal consisting of a family style casserole, salad, and rolls. Should other members/groups in the church wish to respond with further meals that is certainly welcome, but our team will try as best we can to be consistent and not allow anyone to be overlooked. We will depend on the Church Office to notify by email when someone is hospitalized and when they come home. Diane and Russell agreed to do the delivery. It was decided to maintain an inventory of 4 – 6 casseroles in the church freezer marked with “kind” and date. Marcia Loomis, Janice Vickery, Diane Fletcher, and Candy Hastedt have agreed to coordinate this. It was decided to “pass the clipboard” to see if there are other volunteers to help. Agreeing to help with casseroles were: Marcia, Diane, Janice, Linda Schroeder (not present) and Maggie Boyne (not present), and JoAnn Vogt.

It was decided if a church member is in need of grocery supplies Safeway cards could be purchased from the church and delivered by the pastor, charged to the Agape Fund.

Not present, but communicating prior to the meeting, JoAnn Dunn and Ruthanne Huber agreed to continue coordinating receptions/food for memorial services.

Not present, but agreeing beforehand, Charlene Hahn will continue to coordinate the prayer chain.

The occasional need for medical transportation (doctors appts, etc) was discussed. If that need arises Janine Payton, Clyde Sacks, Candy Hastedt, and Meredith Rupe have volunteered.

The pastor is expected to visit regularly in the hospital, nursing homes, and with homebound members. The following have agreed to assist: Bill Graf, Meredith Rupe, and Joyce Snapp.

The following have agreed to send cards and make visits when asked: Candy Hastedt, Janice Vickery, Janine Payton, and Jeanne Ambrosier.

Dave Loomis agreed to do one of his world famous spread sheets for our work. Marcia Loomis agreed to be the contact person so the church office can call with a need and Marcia will then do a group email to facilitate that need.

Russell agreed to bring both a list of homebound and nursing home residents and a copy of the prayer list (from the prayer chain) to the next meeting.

The next meeting will be held on Feb. 18 at 5 p. m.

The meeting adjourned at 6 p. m.

The United Methodist Church of Evergreen

Minutes of the Church Council Meeting

January 10, 2016

Attending: Meredith Rupe, Robin Roberts, Dave Loomis, Matt Sailor, Russell Fletcher, JoAnn Dunn, Jeanne Ambrosier, Bill Graf, Vickie Borden, Sarah Sailor, Michael Eaton, & Janice Vickery.

Opening Prayer: Pastor Russell Fletcher

Review of October Minutes: Vickie Borden noted the word ‘refuge’ on the Missions report section--line one—needed to be changed to ‘refugee’. Bill Graf motioned this change be approved; seconded by Matt Sailor. Dave Loomis asked that in the future, pages of the minutes be numbered to aid in locating possible changes. Also, Dave reminded everyone a verbal report from each team is expected if a written report was not submitted.

Pastor’s Report: Russell FletcherRussell said his three-year term is winding down; he has not yet heard if the Bishop will extent his term one more year, but has been asked to expedite the decision. Russell expects an answer by phone sometime in January.

Finance: Vickie BordenThe good news is that all our 2015 bills are paid even though we are behind in the budget. Vickie said the total Christmas offering ($9,654) is less than last year ($12,000). However, she feels it is really closer to $10,000. Several loose checks in the safe were dated Dec 2015, but not marked as Christmas offerings and she assumes they were meant to be so. There are 15 giving units who did not submit a pledge card this year. Of those 15, 3 are automated givers. Those 15 giving units were notified of their missing 2016 pledge cards.

Bill Graf informed everyone Congress has now made permanent the law allowing persons age 70 to transfer their yearly mandatory IRA distribution tax free to a qualified charitable organization (such as UMCE). This will be retroactive for 2015. This would be a great item to add to the bulletin at least quarterly and then monthly as we near the end of the year as a “Did You Know?” item.

Trustees: Dave LoomisDave said they had a very successful indoor workday; over 20 men showed up to participate. Dave is putting together a prioritized ‘Wish List’ for all those projects in and around the church needing attention. This list would encompass project names, estimated costs, projected dates for work, and where the money would come from. He would like to know how much money might be available from the sale of the Ponderosa House. Would be good to give each project a specific name as this would encourage giving. Currently there are a few fixes needing to be addressed now such as the stove not heating properly and front doormat not heating. No one is scheduled to take care of these—we need a designated person. Ice in the parking area continues to be a problem and may not be solvable any time soon. Salt can be used if the temperature is right; also sand. Again, a designated person to do this is needed. One fix might be a wide enough speed bump on which to walk. Ideally, we could build a carport at the entrance.

Education: Sarah SailorIt’s been business as usual. Sarah said plans for the July 11-15 mission trip followed by the July 15-17 Sand Dunes campout are well under way. She usually has more firm reservations by now, but it’s still early. She can personally make the $500 deposit while awaiting more reservations if needed. The youth are ice skating next week on Sunday from 3:00 to 7:00 and is open to all. Sarah received a lot of good feedback on the youth entertainment at the Christmas dinner. As a result of the children being the entertainment, there were more young adults attending the dinner. The children did a terrific job, but Sarah is not sure it would be appropriate for them to be the expected entertainment every year. Russell added that there were 66 people at the pancake breakfast this morning.

Sarah said three new families have come forward to teach, but she could use some more to sign up. Attendance is up and she is running out of materials (happily). She needs more Kindness Coins and materials.

Lay Care / Membership: Russell FletcherIn reorganizing, Russell is planning for Lay Care to fall under the umbrella of Membership with a new team deciding how to take care of our members. A meeting of those interested in serving on this team will meet on January 21 at 5:00 p.m. Charlene Hahn will continue with the Prayer Chain. We have a prospective new member interested in making prayer quilts.

Missions: Bill Graf/Michael EatonBill said they are always looking for new members to join this friendly team. Even though Bill and Michael are the team chiefs, each meeting is conducted with a rotating chairperson. The yearly Alternative Gift Fair in November at the Lutheran Church raised over $100,000. The Alternative Christmas Gift Fair here at UMCE raised almost $4,000 where people could donate money to a variety of agencies in memory of or in honor of persons of their choice.

The basket for food slips is still being passed on the second Sunday of the month. Liturgists are asked to add a very brief announcement on those Sundays as to what the basket is for or perhaps a brief announcement from Russell would help clear up any confusion. Michael spoke of the fellowship Coffee Sales and said it should be promoted when possible; we make about of the sales amount. Responsibility for manning the coffee sales alternates with other teams as well as Missions Team. There are some residual budget items that could be repurposed such as an adult mission trip. Michael expressed his thanks for all of Jennifer’s budgeting skills.

Jeanne Ambrosier asked everyone to bring in food for the ITF Mountain backpack program. We need to fill the pick-up truck again this year by January 24.

UMM: Robin RobertsThe men donated $500 to the Salvation Army. Breakfast/speaker duties have been split and we now have all breakfast opportunities filled. Previously, the person in charge of the breakfast was also responsible for a speaker, which seemed to be holding things back. Robin reported that each breakfast/speaker program has about 20 men participating.

Worship: JoAnn DunnJoAnn said the basement is still a nightmare and needs to be addressed. She spent a good amount of time looking for the Christmas tree box for storage; it was never found and the tree is now stored in plastic bags. Robin said the box was found to be wet from ground water in the basement and was destroyed even before the decorations were taken down. Penn has plans for the Trustees to reorganize the basement. (Amazon sells Christmas tree storage bags!)

Additional Agenda Items: Russell commended the ITF and Missions Teams on writing their mission statements. Each team needs to have a short written statement and they are encouraged to get them completed. These can be published as a group or individually.

Closing Prayer: Meredith Rupe

Next Meeting: April 10, 2016

Submitted by Janice Vickery

Minutes of Building & Grounds Committee 1/5/16

Attendees: Penn Gildersleeve, Dave Loomis, Donna Mullins,Russell Fletcher, & Alice Slanec

Russell distributed the event guidelines of usage policies and costs put together from Christ the King, Aspen Ridge, Evergreen Memorial Park and our own church.

Penn went over the three projects the men in the church will be working on this Saturday: deep cleaning in the kitchen including stove, refrigerator, freezer & cabinets; painting the ceiling in the narthex; and stripping, cleaning & waxing the non carpeted floors.

The heat tape and gutters have now been installed but the build-up needs to melt. The cross needs to be removed and the new skylight installed and any wood repair needed. We will get a credit for carpet cleaning for damage done by the leakage but the cleaning will be done after Vacation Bible School .

Dave suggested we update & compare our "wish list" to what funds are available in order to better work within a budget.

We closed the meeting with a walk through the kitchen to look at the work to be done. The trustees present approved removing the communion glasses and trays that are no longer used .

Meeting adjourned at 8:20p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Alice Slanec =


DECEMBER 1, 2015

In Attendance: Bill Graf, Pastor Russell, Joyce Snapp, Jo Ann Vogt, Janice Vickery, Marilyn Gildersleeve, Michael Eaton, Tracy Atlas, Nancy DeGuire, Pem and Jo Ann Dunn.

Fearless Leader for December was Janice Vickery. Thank you Janice!

Pastor Russell opened the meeting with a prayer.

Missions Team Leaders:

We need to fill in volunteers to be Team Leader for the months of April and May.

January – no meeting

February 2nd – Joyce Snapp

March 1st – Tracy Atlas

April 5th –

May 3rd –

UNCE Alternative Christmas Fair:

The box with flyers, pamphlets and other information about the organizations supported, is in the supply closet, underneath the sombreros. Michael created a spreadsheet on which the donations will be recorded. This will be greatly helpful to the finance people in the office. Thank you, Michael, for your foresight.

Sunday, Dec. 6th - Set up and after 8:30 service –Jo Ann Vogt, Marilyn, Bill Graf

Before and after 10:30 service – Nancy and Mac DeGuire, Pem Dunn

Sunday, Dec 13th - Set up and after 8:30 service – Marilyn, Janice

Before and after 10:30 service – Janice and Tracy (after 10:30 service)

Donna Mullins will be helping over the two Sundays.

The form was in the bulletin – Thank you Michael. The notice of for the Alternative Christmas Fair has also been in Happenings.

For the record, we will be collecting donations for the following organizations:

Bethlehem Bible College

Blue Spruce Habitat for Humanity

Denver Urban Ministries (DenUM)

Evergreen Christian Outreach (EChO)

Family Promise

Severe Weather Collaboration for Jefferson County

Kenya Youth Sponsorship

Mountain Resource Center

Urban Peak Shelter

Missions Equal Exchange Colffee Sales – December 6th:

Sunday, Dec. 6th - Set up and after 8:30 service – Jo Ann Vogt, Bill Graf, Marilyn

Before and after 10:30 service – Joyce Snapp, Michael Eaton

This table will be next to the Alternative Christmas Fair table so all volunteers can go back and forth between tables as traffic dictates.

EChO and MRC Toy and Gift Collection:

EChO – toys and gift will be delivered December 7th by Jo Ann Vogt

MRC – toys and gifts will be delivered December 14th by Tracy Atlas. The toys at the Mountain Resource Center will be distributed to the clients on December 19th. Volunteer opportunities are available on both the 18th (for set up) and the 19th. Please contact Tracy for more details if you are interested in volunteering.

Food Donation Requests:

DenUM received the food donations last month so this month the food left in the “Giving Place” in Fellowship Hall will be donated to the Mountain Resource Center. Tracy will pick the food up the morning of December 2nd to deliver to MRC. Marilyn will help her load her car.

January food donations are scheduled to go to EChO. It was mentioned that it would be helpful if the liturgist could announce what the baskets with the food slips are, before they are passed. This way, new members, or maybe even a few seasoned members, will understand what they are all about. It would be the responsibility of the Team to let the liturgists know that they need to do this.


Adopt a Family – When Jo Ann Dunn “passed the stocking” at the Pot Blessing lunch, $160.00 was collected which allowed us to adopt an additional family. Deb Hayson was given the wish lists for the 2 families and did the shopping. Janice Vickery along with Joyce Snapp will deliver the gifts to the Family Promise day site on Thursday, December 3rd between 9am-3pm. The day site is located at 1140 W. 5th Ave in Denver. THANK YOU TO DEB HAYSON FOR SHOPPING FOR THESE FAMILIES. IT IS MUCH APPRECIATED!

Need overnight hosts and dinner hosts for:

January 22nd

Overnight –The Gildersleeves

Dinner – Joyce Snapp

January 23rd

Overnight – ?????

Dinner-Jo Ann Vogt

If you would like to volunteer to do the overnight please contact Jo Ann Dunn.

Fellowship coffee hosts sign up:

February 7th

Before and after 8:30 service – Michael Eaton

Before and after 10:30 service – Mac and Nancy DeGuire

February 14th

Before and after 8:30 service – Bill Graf

Before and after 10:30 service – Janice Vickery

February 21st

Before and after 8:30 service – Marilyn Gildersleeve

Before and after 10:30 service – Tracy Atlas

February 28th

Before and after 8:30 service –Joyce Snapp

Before and after 10:30 service –Janice Vickery

Additional Matters – Old Business:

A)Bill Graf reported that a bit over $106,000 was raised at the Alternative Gift Fair held at the Lutheran church, benefiting charities from around the world. The UMCE van was used to help shuttle people to and from the church. Our van has seen better days but was able to do the job for another year. Our youth participated by helping in the café. “Sign up genius” worked well in allowing people to sign up to help with the fair. It was emphasized how important it is that UMCE be a part of this larger community effort. A big thank you to Bill Graf and Linda Schroeder for being on the AGF board and helping to plan all year.

B)Communion Offering for December 6th - is to benefit the United Methodist Student Scholarship Fund. Exciting news this year is that a student member of UMCE will benefit from this scholarship fund. He will be in attendance and be recognized on January 27th, 2016.

C)Communion offering for January 3rd - will benefit “No More Malaria”.

D) Communion Offering for January 3rd – No More Malaria

E) Budget – no report

F)Missions Committee slated for lighting the Advent candles – December 6th – Bill Graf and Michael Eaton have been selected to represent the Missions Team.

G)EChO Shower Fund support – Charlene Hahn has indicated she no longer wants to be in charge of the shower fund, which is a fund to provide money to EChO so they can give vouchers to homeless people to take showers at the Rec Center. Sharon Smith, of EChO sent an email to Jo Ann Vogt in response to questions about how the Shower fund works. Basically, EChO gives a $15.00 voucher to a person in need. They take the voucher to the Rec Center. The voucher will provide an individual with 5 showers. The vouchers are then sent back to EChO along with an invoice, on a monthly basis. The invoice has been running about $200.00 per month. There are some people in need who have no transportation to the Rec Center and who have been camping around EChO and Christ the King church. These people have been referred to “The Place” on Meadow Dr. as they can walk there. While provided with personal hygiene products and a clean towel that they can keep, no money is paid to “The Place” in the form of vouchers. These referrals, to The Place, are happening less frequently after Brett at “The Place” expressed concern at the large hot water consumption and the condition that the showers were left in. Brett, representing The Place did mention to EChO that he may have to ask for shower fund donations from area churches to cover his expenses. Jo Ann Vogt is going to find out just how much money is currently in our shower fund, how much EChO needs for the next month and check back in with the committee. Funds for the Shower Fund were collected with envelopes in the “Food Donation” baskets that are passed monthly.

H) Salvation Army Bell Ringers – There may be one slot still open but this is pretty much taken care of.

Next Missions Team meeting is February 2nd, 2016 at 6:00pm

Respectfully Submitted,

Nancy N. DeGuire

Minutes of the Membership Team

Thursday, November 19, 2015 @ 6 p.m.


Jeanne Ambrosier

Jim Ament

Ann Gerteis

Meredith Rupe

Maureen Sullivan

Terry Vogt

Marlene Waltz

Russell Fletcher

The minutes of the last Membership Team meeting of October 22, 2015 were accepted.

Pastor’s Report ~ Russell Fletcher

As of today, we have 422 members, not counting constituents.

Lay Care : needs re-organization, which will take place over the next two months.

We can expect to see new life by sometime in January 2016. Lay Care will decide among themselves how they want to be organized, but, because we have several people from the Membership Team who have been and are still active in Lay Care, and many activities are similar, they may decide to join, or be a part of, the Membership Team:

•Russell would meet with Lay Care prior to the Membership Team meeting.

•If Lay Care decides to join up with Membership, they would be asked to keep us current on Lay Care activities, but they would not be required to attend the entire meetings of Membership, unless they desired to do so. Also, Lay Care would be put on the front end of the Membership Team meeting agendas.

•The Membership Team will assume the financial costs for the Lay Care, if they join us.

•Lay Care involves the following areas at this time:

1.Prayer List: Charlene Hahn

2.Hospital Visitation: Russell, Bill Graf, Ann Gerteis, Joyce Snapp

3.Cards to the ill/Shut-ins

4.Visits to Home Bound: Visits – Ann, Bill

Communion, X-Mas, Easter – Russell

5.“Missing You”: Jeanne Ambrosier

6.Post-hospital food: Diane, Russell

7.Funerals/Memorials – food: Ruthanne Huber, JoAnn Dunn

8.Shepherding groups

We will follow as Lay Care evolves.

Special Events ~ Terry Vogt & Jim Ament

Our next event is a Pancake Breakfast on Sunday, January 10, 2016 at 9:30 a.m., and will also be a rally for our Spring Education volunteers. A clip board will be passed around at church for the two weeks prior, in order to ask for help in the kitchen and Fellowship Hall.

The following events are more-or-less written in stone for the year 2016:

-Church in the Park/All Church Picnic – Heritage Grove, August 7

-Queen City Jazz Band – November 13

-Evergreen Children’s Chorale/Trunk or Treat – October 30

-Baroque Folk – April 3 at 10:30 a.m.

Contact of New Homeowners: Orpha Platt

No report. Should we check our Monday Morning Report records of visitors names with Orpha’s mailings? Or, is it too much to do?

Visitor Contact: Marlene Waltz and Ann Gerteis

So far in November 2015, 2 new visitor contacts have been made. Cards, e-mails, and calls have been utilized in contacting potential new members.

Greeters: Maureen Sullivan

Jim Ament reported that the New Member/Frequent Visitor Survey report by Maureen was handed out to all teams at the Charge Conference on November 9. It gives us new information, but we haven’t acted on very much of it. Maureen also handed out a Follow-up on Survey Participants Who Showed Interest in various church activities. Membership agrees that we need to follow up on this.

Ad hoc committee ~ Maureen Sullivan, with the help of Jim Ament + one or two others, will review this material and make recommendations on its implementation. This may take a couple months or more and involve several groups within our church. Kudos to Maureen for her hard work and the useful information she obtained.

Membership Involvement: Bill Graf

No report.

Non-Active Membership: Jeanne Ambrosier

Jeanne sent out 25 “miss you” cards in October and is encouraged by the responses.

This is good, because of the so often ‘no responses’.

New Business:

No further New Business was voiced.

Next Meeting:

This meeting was adjourned at 7:07 p.m. No meeting in December. Our next meeting will be on Thursday, January 21, 2016, at 6 p.m.

Terry V.

The United Methodist Church of Evergreen

Minutes of the Church Council Meeting

October 18, 2015

Attending: Robin Roberts, Sarah Sailor, Russell Fletcher, Joyce Snapp, Janice Vickery, Dave Loomis, JoAnn Dunn, Matt Sailor, Jeanne Ambrosier, Meredith Rupe, Michael Eaton, Vickie Borden

Opening Prayer: Pastor Russell Fletcher

Review of August Minutes: Michael Eaton requested the word would be changed to could under the Pastor report. Motion to approve with correction made by Dave Loomis and seconded by Vickie Borden.

Finance: Vickie Borden Dave Loomis asked if we just have a few people behind or if everyone was generally behind in giving. Vickie responded that the giving statements have been passed out and most people look like they are on track. Part of the budget included an estimated giving for people who had pledged in the past but did not turn in a card during the last Stewardship campaign. The estimation is the amount they gave the year before, in the 2015 budget this amount equals approximately $16,000.

Last August the Church sent out a letter asking for donations and received about $17,000, with the majority of that being a $14,000 gift which significantly helping last year’s budget. This has not been done in 2015 so in comparison with last year we do seem further behind. This year we have had some transition in the accounting position and we were not able to put the financial information into Happenings and the announcements on a regular basis, this has been corrected by the addition of Vickie and Jennifer working together. We are also hoping this year will result in another large Christmas offering, last year’s offering was $11,896.25. The Church historically sees an increase in November and December giving, last year we had a $40,000 December.

Joyce Snapp asked that of the people who we estimated pledges for, have we followed up to see if those people are giving. Vickie plans to look at all of them to determine if we should include them in the pledge for 2015 and determine if we need to find a better way to figure the estimation.

2015 UMCE Budget:

The budget marks a 3% increase for the staff.

Education has a significant increase; Sarah Sailor has supplied the following to explain the increase in the budget.

The 2015 budget cut out several programs that we are reinstating for 2016

• 2016 took Books and Bibles out of a 2014 overstock for 2015, but had to be increased for 2016, since the overstock has now been largely depleted

• We are adding a more formal Action Pack Curriculum in 2016

• We are adding a Christmas production for the end of 2015, which will come out of the 2016 budget

• A new EverKids curriculum release resulted in an increased cost for the EverKids curriculum

• We are adding more formal Youth Sunday School and Youth Group devotionals, which require a curriculum purchase

• Jennifer and Sarah found that in the previous year some budget expenses for youth were mistakenly taken out of the youth mission fund, which made the 2015 budget look like it was underspent further than it was.

• We are adding in a small fund to help financially disadvantaged youth families pay for youth events that are typically paid for out of pocket by youth families

Pastor Rupe brought up the concern that Pastor Fletcher will not be here permanently and that we need to plan for the increased expense of a new Pastor once Russell leaves. Pastor Fletcher responded that those figures will be ready for Charge Conference on November 9. A discussion ensued on the cost difference of Pastor Fletcher staying or a new Pastor being appointed and how to reflect that in the current budget. A concern was raised that we have the funding for a Pastor with similar experience. Matt Sailor suggested setting up a designated fund so that the church would have the opportunity to save across several budgets if Russell does stay.

Peter Lindquist is acquiring bids for garbage and recycling removal, as Waste Management increased in the 2016 budget by 1.59 percent.

Church Mutual Insurance went up quite a bit in 2014 as was anticipated. Government fee’s have gone down due to the sale of the Ponderosa house. We do retain the water tap and continue to pay HOA fee’s for the Church itself.

Office expenses up 6.95 percent, this is copier and printer expenses. This cost continues to be higher while other office expenses are lower.

Mission tithe plus is based on the rest of the budget income, the local giving stayed the same.

Overall a 3.5 % increase which we thought seemed reasonable.

Jeanne Ambrosier inquired on the profits from the sale of the profit of Ponderosa house. Vickie reported that the profit from the sale was about $180,000 with $60,000 set aside for future clergy housing. The remaining $120,000 can be used on capital expenses such as the new parking lot.

The budget for 2016 was approved by Church Council.




2015 2016

Staff Compensation

Staff Salaries $108,993 $112,266

Pastor’s Compensation$80,000 $82,400

FICA $8,900 $9,167 Staff Parish Relations $800 $850

$198,693 $204,683

Program Ministries

Lay Care $500 $500

Education $1,150 $1,700

Communications $1,500 $1,500

Music $450 $450

Stewardship $2,000 $2,000

Worship $939 $939

Youth $1,320 $1,650

Membership $4,050 $4,150

$11,909 $12,889

Trustees and Building Expense

Facilities$15,700 $15,950

Repairs and Maintenance $9,300 $9,300

Insurance$11,400 $12,000

Government Fees $265 $150

$36,665 $37,400

Office Expenses$18,344 $19,618


Tithe Plus, RMC$35,000 $36,867

Local Missions $9,000 $9,000

$44,000 $45,867

TOTAL PROPOSED BUDGET $309,611$ 320,457

2015 2016

This proposed budget requires $26,705 per month, or $6,163 per Sunday. 4% is for programs and nurture, 64% is for compensation (includes SPR, FICA, Pastoral, and Staff) 12% is for buildings and maintenance, 6% for office expenses, and 14% is for missions including maintaining 100% in our Tithe Plus for the Rocky Mountain Conference.

Trustee’s: Dave Loomis Dave reported that on November 7th at the Men’s and Women’s combined Breakfast, Penn Gildersleeve will be giving a presentation on the state of the building and grounds. Everyone is welcome to attend and bring ideas to help make UMCE the best it can be.

Work on the roof will start this week and will also be done at the Ponderosa house. Patching of the driveway will also take place, with a complete overhaul of the driveway in the spring. Oversized rain gutters will be installed as a temporary solution to the water issues until spring comes and the parking lot is redone.

The AED that was stolen has been replaced and will be re hung in an alarmed box. A suggestion was made that we could have the fire department come to the church for a training session.

Education: Sarah Sailor Announcement of events, Trunk or Treat, Halloween youth lock in, Christmas play during Christmas dinner on Dec. 5th. The Youth Mission is scheduled for the week of July 11th. We will be traveling to Alamosa, in the San Luis Valley, to work with La Puente, an ecumenical organization that supports homeless and under-privileged families in the area. We will work directly with La Puente, as well as with Habitat for Humanity, splitting our group between the two organizations and work sites so we can give everyone the attention and energy they deserve. Everyone will end up working with both organizations. We would have people helping out in the gardens, cooking at the shelter, working with the PALS children's program, and assisting on various projects. In the past, some La Puente groups have deep cleaned transitional housing houses for new residents to move into. Another group repainted a side of the shelter where the paint was cracking and flaking off. There will be a number of different opportunities and types of work, and everyone will get to participate in the different opportunities. This will be similar to the kind of work we did in Portland several years ago. This is an excellent opportunity to build on that, as one of our long-term goals as a group when we went to Portland was to find similar opportunities closer to home in Colorado. The mission will conclude with a trip to the Sand Dunes.

Lay Care: Russell Fletcher

Russell reported that we have run out of volunteers due to resignations, and are using staff to coordinate meals. Behind the scenes we still have Charlene Hahn handling the prayer chain. JoAnn Vogt and Ruthanne Huber are still taking care of hosting for memorial/wedding services. Sarah asked that if we decide to restructure she would like to see something for young families who have very different needs. A discussion ensued with a plan to host a Lay Care meeting in January to acquire more volunteers.

Membership: Russell Fletcher

The Brainstormers report was reviewed with the suggestion that the date for the church picnic be rescheduled from July 31st due to the Evergreen Jazz Festival.

Missions: Michael Eaton

The refuge crisis was discussed, how do we as a church respond? JoAnn Dunn is researching UMCOR kits that can be assembled by church members. Jeanne Ambrosier suggested a future field trip to an UMCOR site.

The second Sunday of the month we will be passing the basket for food slips. The following will be inserted into Happenings the second Sunday of the month and posted on the bulletin board in Fellowship Hall.


During the church service, you may have seen baskets being passed around with colored paper slips listing food items, but not known what those were for. For many years, UMCE has supported EChO and DenUM with donations of food and domestic staples that we collect on our "Giving Place" shelves in Fellowship Hall. In 2010, we added small envelopes to the baskets for cash donations so EChO could provide fresh milk, eggs, and produce for clients. Periodically, members of the Missions Team drop our donations off at the organization's locations.

We're now expanding our donation rotation to include the Mountain Resource Center

(MRC) in Conifer, and we're asking for your help in continuing this regular and much

appreciated giving mission. When you see the food slip baskets come by, won't you

take an envelope or some food slips and return your donations to "The Giving Place"

or the offering plate? You also don't need to wait for the baskets to bring in items

you'd like to donate, but if it's the second Sunday of the month, and you don't see the

baskets, please let the Missions Team or the ushers know! Thanks!

Worship: JoAnn Dunn

Karen Ament and JoAnn have been working on refreshing the Christmas wreaths for the Sanctuary. They have sorted Christmas items in storage. All candles and bulletins have been received by the office for the Advent season.

UMM: Robin Roberts

As earlier reported Trustee’s will be the guest speaker in November and will be checking the Christmas lights following the meeting in order to have new ones by the Dec. meeting. On Dec. 5th a join breakfast with the UMW is planned. The speaker will be from the Salvation Army. Following the meeting is the set up for that evenings Christmas Dinner.

Transition report: Russell Fletcher

Russell has prepared a transition report that will be presented at Charge Conference. This is given to the superintendent and Bishop to help make the recommendations on future pastoral staffing.

Coffee Hour:

It was decided to present the congregation with dates for sign up. Some teams decided to keep the traditional months and will sign up during that block of time. Russell will be taking the clip board to meetings; it will be passed in services and then hang in the Fellowship Hall.

Office: It was requested that the office compile a description of the different teams which will be put into a bulletin handout for informational purposes. All teams have been sent the current descriptions and I am awaiting updated information.

Closing Prayer: Joyce Snapp

Future Meetings Charge Conference November 9

2016 Meeting Dates: Jan. 10, April 10, July 10, October 9, November Charge Conference

Respectfully Submitted, Kristin Owen

The United Methodist Church of Evergreen

Minutes of the Church Council Meeting

August 30, 2015

Attending: Penn Gildersleeve, Robin Roberts, Russell Fletcher, Terry Vogt, Matt Sailor, Sarah Sailor, Marcia Loomis, Dave Loomis, Lorna Idol, Jeanne Ambrosier, Vickie Borden, JoAnn Dunn, Michael Eaton

Opening Prayer: Pastor Russell Fletcher

Review of June Minutes: Dave Loomis requested a change in the June minutes; Page 1, a change from the phrase under drain to a French drain., that may be redirecting water to the church. Pages 2, under attendance remove a random “d”. Vickie Borden requested that we add that Church windows had been corrected from the membership side we are still having issues with the quarterly statements. Dave Loomis sought a motion to approve the minutes with changes; Terry Vogt and Penn Gildersleeve in favor, motion passed.

Finance: Vickie Borden

We have a new accountant Jennifer Elliassen who started in July, and has been doing a great job cleaning up previous issues. At this time the pledge status is down. We have a $24,500 deficit between budget and pledges at the end of July. The Church income is less than expenses, of $13,679. We are still below the budgeted expenses and have not spent as much as we had projected at this time. Dave Loomis questioned why the pledges are down? Vickie responded that we do have a few who have pledged that are no longer giving and she is not sure if they are still attending. The projected pledge for those who did not pledge this year but had in the past was $15,000 this money is not coming in as anticipated. Russell commented that this is fairly normal at this time of year in the pledge cycle.

Pastor Report: Russell Fletcher

Summer is over and people are coming back from vacation as today’s attendance of 137 reflected. Charge conference will be held on November 9th at 7:00 p.m. I have been working on my transition report over the summer. As I have started my 3rd year of my 3 year contract. I will not ask to return, and in fact cannot by virtue of my contract. A discussion of removing the “interim status“ is underway, and I would be honored to return, but this is between SPR and the superintendent. If I do not return, we will have to tighten up as the church doesn’t pay for medical and pension, for the Fletchers so you would need to be prepared to add $25,000 to $30,000 to the budget. I would ask for prayerful consideration as to God’s future for where God would have both the Fletchers and UMCE go as we move forward with this matter.

Robin Roberts reported that SPR would like Pastor Fletcher to remain and is working on this matter. Michael Eaton said that finance would prepare documents for Charge Conference, comparing the cost of Pastor Fletcher remaining at UMCE or having another minister appointed.

Trustees: Penn Gildersleeve

The sale of the Ponderosa house will be closing soon. The Trustees have accepted an offer of $345,000 from Ken and Pam Peterson who have been invited to church.

As for repairs, new roof for both properties has been approved. The copula is leaking again and we are currently seeking bids for repairs. Ron Antner at 1derful roofing will be doing the new roof and is working with Church Mutual on the copula repair. This will be the 3rd new roof in 6 years. The new buyers have been notified they will receive a new roof after closing and will be able to pick out color.

Lorna Idol has offered to store the gas grill that was formally stored at the Ponderosa property.

Bill Graf has requested that UMCE store tables for AGF. This was approved.

The church has recently been plagued by plumbing and electrical repairs.

A plumber was hired and replaced the kitchen sink handle and has ordered a part for the children’s water fountain. Fred Bloomendahl is contacting an appliance repair person to fix the sanitizer and refrigerator. Mike Gregory has replaced the defective light fixture in Narthex.

The trustee’s are waiting for a second quote on the parking lot repairs. Ron Antner met with one contractor who has quoted $74,000. We need another bid before making a decision. Trustees meet Tuesday night Sept. 1st and will continue the parking lot discussion. It is complicated as we also have a drainage issue.

Dave Loomis recognized Penn Gildersleeve for all of his efforts as the head of the Trustee Team and asked everyone to thank Penn. Michael Eaton inquired as to how to relieve some of the burden on the trustee’s. Penn said the team needs some younger volunteers with expertise in repair.

Education: Lorna Idol

Lorna reported that Sarah Sailor is doing a great job. VBS was a success but final cost/profit has not been calculated yet due to volunteer reimbursements. The challenge of aged out participants being dropped off to volunteer as unscheduled assistants will be addressed at next year’s registration.

Robin and Susan Roberts were thanked for many years of teaching UMCE’s children. A service to express gratitude for volunteer teachers was suggested. At this time, Laura Shields, a member of the Education committee is writing thank you notes to volunteers and teachers. Sarah Sailor is reminding teachers of volunteer commitments. The office continues to place Adult Education advertisements in Religion Briefs in the Canyon Courier. Youth group has Sanctuary and devotional time and will be adding a cleanup time to the last 10 minutes of the meeting.

Beginning on Sunday, September 13 UMC EverKids and the UMCE Youth Group will resume their school year schedules. This year we have made a few scheduling adjustments to accommodate teacher and student schedules. Action Pack for Preschool-5th Grades: 9:30AM

UMCE Youth Group Sunday school for 6th-12th Grades: 9:30AM

UMC EverKids Early Elementary Sunday school for Preschool-1st Grades: 10:30AM Sunday

UMC EverKids Upper Elementary Sunday School for 2nd-5th Grades: 10:30AM Sunday

Volunteer teachers have been sought in the past through emails, written letters and church announcements. This year the Education Team had a rally day in conjunction with a pancake breakfast. As a result they filled all but 5 of the slots until Jan. Those days coincide with holidays and no Sunday school program will be held. A choice of volunteer slots seemed to increase interest as people did not have long term commitments, 50 slots where filled. Most of the volunteers are parents and we would like to encourage others to volunteer in an effort to support intergenerational contacts and mentoring opportunities.

The Blessing of the Backpacks was very successful; Andrew Zapotoczny a local school principal, and Pastor Fletcher both spoke, the children each received a draw string backpack with the UMCE logo. The new Adult Education schedule was submitted.

September 6: Labor Day Weekend – No Session

September 13: Social Media 101

Facilitator: Lisa Nissley

Social Media 101 will cover the basics of social media and how they can benefit you! Discover which social media outlet or platform is right for you and find out how to get started. It is designed for people who want to know more about social media or for individuals who want to use social media as a networking tool or even for a job search.

September 20: Fall Festival and the Children’s Choir – No Session

September 27: Church Finances

Facilitators: Vickie Borden and Paul Graham

Vickie and Paul will explain the finances for the church year including: the budgeting process, the pledges and how we spend our money. This session will be aligned with the budgeting process for the 2016 year and will provide guidance for the Committee/Team chairpersons to prepare their budgets. All are encouraged to join us to hear the real story of our church finances.

October 4: The Book of Acts

Facilitator: Dr. Lorna Idol

We will be working with selections from the Disciple Adult Education Program sponsored by the United Methodist Church: Disciple II: Into the Word Into the World. Our focus will be on the Book of Acts. How did the disciples of Jesus carry out their mission of ministry to surrounding civilizations? What were the obstacles they faced? How did they overcome these obstacles to bring the Word to the World?

October 11: A Trip to Italy and the Vatican

Facilitators: Diane & Russell Fletcher, Janie & Rev. Gary Knight

The Fletchers, along with their traveling companions, the Knights from Jackson, Mississippi, will be sharing their travels in Italy. The Fletchers have been to Italy three times with the Knights joining them twice. Aided by a Power Point presentation, Russell and Gary will share insights about the history, the cathedrals, the museums, and the art of Italy. Diane and Janie will offer their unique perspectives on the experience.

October 18: Hearts at Peace: Worship through Stress Management

Facilitator: Abby Blacklock

“A heart at peace brings life to the body.” (Proverbs 14:30)

Abby is a licensed counselor and says, “Everyone experiences stress.” The harsh reality is that stress greatly decreases quality of life. God wants us to be better stress managers! His Word encourages us to cast our cares on Him! Join us for this brief workshop on how to turn stress management into worship. Taking care of yourself and learning how to manage your stress is a form of connecting with the God who created you!

October 25: Queen City Jazz Band & Trunk or Treat – No Session

November 1: Conservative and Progressive Views of Homosexuality in the Scriptures

Facilitators: Rev. Dr. Meredith Rupe & Dr. Dave Klawon

Dr. Rupe is a pastor who has also taught university courses on Deviance and Gender. Dr. Klawon, a physician specializing in anatomic and clinical pathology, is active in scripture distribution with Gideons International. They will take a look at scriptures regarding homosexuality, examining those scriptures from both the conservative and progressive views. They will also offer guidance in sharing how we can live together in our disagreements.

November 8: Biblical Views of Marriage

Facilitator: Rev. Meredith Rupe

Dr. Rupe, was a pastor and the primary professor teaching university courses on Deviance and Gender Studies. What does the Bible teach about marriage? Do we really want to go back to the forms of marriage described in the Bible? We will look at what some of those forms are and decide for ourselves. What elements of marriage can we agree upon today?

November 15 & 22: No God but GOD: A Study of the Quoran and a Comparison of the Christian and Islamic Faiths

Facilitators: Dr. Lorna Idol & Rev. Joyce Snapp

Although it is the fastest-growing religion in the world, Islam remains shrouded in ignorance and fear for much of the West. Idol and Snapp will offer an opportunity to explore reputable and scholarly sources and comparative literature on the Quoran, comparing the Christian and Islamic faiths. One primary source we will examine is: No god but God, by Reza Aslan, Timely and persuasive, No god but God is an elegantly written account of a magnificent yet misunderstood faith. We encourage all Christians to read this timely and easy-to-read book. Although not required, we encourage participants to purchase a copy of Resa Aslan’s book in the church office by October 25.

November 29 and December 6, 13 & 20: The Meaning of Advent

Facilitator: Rev. Russell Fletcher

For the four Sundays in Advent, join our pastor in a journey exploring the spirit of Christmas. As we light the four candles of the Advent Wreath, we will reflect in Adult Education on four unbreakable gifts that God has given us: hope, love, joy, and peace. Author James Moore, uses stories, scriptures, to deepen our understanding, and to provoke group discussion.

December 27: Sunday between Christmas and New Years – No Session

Lay Care: Russell Fletcher

The team is shrinking and is in need of more volunteers. The Church Council would like to recognize Penny Page and Ann Gerties for all of their years of service.

It was suggested that we make an effort to make the congregation aware of all of the community resources that we have available and that we support. A list of the church bulletin boards will be included in happenings to alter congregation to different support programs.

Membership: Russell Fletcher

We have 427 members with 10 new prospects. Brainstormers will be meeting to discuss combing events such as the Church Picnic and Fall Festival.

Missions: Michael Eaton

A tentative calendar has been submitted and the first meeting of the fall is scheduled for Tuesday, September 1st.

Worship: JoAnn Dunn

At this time we are not having committee meetings but have certain people who are in charge of different areas of Worship.

Communion is once again being served with bread and not crackers. A suggestion was made to include in Happenings that you can donate flowers for the Altar. JoAnn takes care of changing the paraments with the liturgical season. The altar candles will have to be replaced after every service according to Cokesbury. The Christmas Advent candles, Christ Candle and the Christmas Eve service candles have been ordered by the office.

UMM: Robin Roberts

An end of year report was included in Church Council packet. The first meeting of the year is September 12th. In October we will have a joint UMM and UMW meeting with Bill Graf speaking on Africa.

Additional Agenda Items:

Quarterly Church Council Meeting Dates:

2015 October 18

2016 January 10, April 10, July 10, October 9 these meetings will be held after the 10:30 service.

Cross and Flame Photo Collage: Marcia Loomis

Marcia gave two examples of photo collages to be hung in Fellowship Hall. The collage will be made up off photos from the Church directory. As new member’s join we will incorporate those pictures also. The cost is $790 for a 3d option, $540 for a stick on option. It was decided that Church Council would prefer the $790 option that is reusable. Funds for this will be taken from the Memorial account. Vickie and Jennifer will find out how much money is in the account. This collage will be able to be updated with every directory for a few hundred dollars. Robin Roberts motioned that we proceed with the project if the funds are available, and this was seconded by Lorna Idol, passed by council.

Coffee Hour:

The office has no one scheduled for October due to Lay Care’s numbers being down and the remaining members are on other teams and already participating in coffee hour. Could we move to a standing order of doughnuts and possible fruit then put out a collection basket to help alleviate the cost? Robin Roberts asked could a group take responsibility for this and use it as a money maker? A suggestion was made that the church has a need for a hospitality team. They could handle both coffee hour and coffee sales. The Trustees will be doing coffee hour in September and the discussion was tabled until a survey can be sent on Sept. 6th asking if anyone would be interested in serving on a hospitality team.

Building Rental: Penn Gildersleeve

The Church has been approached about renting the building to Colorado Life Church on alternating Saturday evenings. A motion was approved for the Trustees to have discussions with the applicants. Footnote: The Colorado Life Church removed application for building use on August 31st.

Closing us with prayer: Pastor Russell Fletcher

Respectfully submitted,

Kristin Owen

June 8, 2015

Minutes of the Church Council Meeting

Attending: Pastor Russell Fletcher, Robin Roberts, Penn Gildersleeve, Terry Vogt, Dave Loomis, Janet Monahan, Jeanne Ambrosier, Bill Graf

Opening Prayer: Pastor Russell Fletcher

Review of March Minutes: Dave Loomis sought a motion to approve March minutes; approved by Terry Vogt, seconded by Jeanne Ambrosier.


Church Windows has been updated to correct the quarterly statements. The new June statements will show the changes, no correction letters will be sent out.

Church Credit Cards: Two credit cards will be issued with the Church name and the individual’s social security number with $5000 credit limits. Reconciliation will be required at the end of each month with receipts and an expense report attached. Sarah Sailor will have one card for purchases for children and youth. Kristin Owen will have a card to use for office expenses, Trustee’s, Lay Care and Worship expense. No charges will be made without prior approval of Chair person or in the case of trustee’s the board member who is in charge of individual repairs.

Terry Vogt questioned the differences between the Finance Teams estimations for the year and the final outcome, which is typically more. Pastor Fletcher suggested that the December surge makes up the difference and that this is not a unique situation.

Trustee: Penn Gilderseeve

Saturday is Clean Up Day everyone is welcome 9 to noon. Some indoor work will be done but most of the effort will be outdoors. Sewer caps will be installed in the closet off the basement youth room.

The parking lot will be addressed at the next meeting of the trustees; the plan is for resurfacing this summer. The lot is having water issues that might have arisen when a neighbor put in underdrain leading water to the church.

The storage under the Sanctuary needs to be cleared out, it continues to be a work in progress.

The Ponderosa house is on track to put on the market at the end of month. The renters are unhappy to believing but are not able to purchase the property. A letter will be posted and placed in Happenings to explain the sale and the proceeds of the transaction.


Vacation Bible School had between 80-85 participants. Summer Mission plans are underway; a van has been rented for the longer day trips. 31 people have signed up for wolf sanctuary trip on that Thursday..

Pastor Report:

Debby and Jeff Humphrey will be joining the church on Sunday the 14th of June. This will bring membership to 422.


Terry Vogt, this is the 4th year the team has been in action, 4 years ago membership was 337 and is currently 422 this church will have an active enrollment of 500 in a few short years. Plans to attract younger members into leadership roles are being discussed.

Membership Events

Fat Tuesday will be held by the youth in 2016

Lenten Services will be held in 2016 with new musicians added.

Cowboy Sunday June 21, 2015

Blessing of the Animals July 19, 2015 is expected to draw a large crowd at this 8:30 service.

Church Worship and Picnic August 9, 2015

Children Sabbath with Fall Festival on September 20, 2015.

Trunk or Treat and the Queen City Jazz Band on October 25, 2015.

Bill Graf reminded people that the events are great opportunities to invite people to attend UMCE. Jeanne Ambrosier is in charge of sending out we miss you cards. Jeanne made an ier analysis of cards send to non active members 6 of the families who had missed January and February, and March received a card and attended again in April, attending on average once a month throughout the spring. Jeanne felt this was interesting information from first to second quarter.


Bill Graf reported that Missions celebrated the generous raising of funds for Nepal. The Tennyson Children’s clothing drive was a success all clothing purchased are put into the children’s store this new arrangement allows the child to pick clothes for themselves. Family Promise will be held Friday June 19 and Saturday June 20. Meals are provided and a host scheduled overnight at the Jefferson Avenue United Methodist church. JoAnn Dunn is still looking for more volunteers; first timers can participate with an experienced host

Evergreen Christian Outreach EChO has a new UMCE representative; JoAnn Vogt will be the liaison between the two groups. New Member Tracy Atlas is on staff at the Mountain Resource Center of Conifer she will be the liaison for UMCE also. We are now well tied in with both organizations.

June 7, 2015 was Communion Sunday an offering was taken for the UMCE Agape fund.

July Communion will go to the Evergreen Christian Outreach, Echo.

August Communion will go to Denver Urban Ministries, DENUM.

Fair Trade Coffee is being sold the first Sunday of each month. Fair trade coffee, tea, hot chocolate and candy sales pay for the coffee UMCE members enjoy each weekend in Fellowship Hall. The support of Fair Trade helps provide fair prices for farmers in inhospitable parts of the world.

The collection for the Nepal disaster went well. Bill Graf will do a follow up article to place in Happenings.

Inclusiveness Task Force

Jeanne Ambrosier, the Mountain Backpack program was a success. Pastor Fletcher’s pickup truck was full of groceries. The youth helped to deliver and sort the items at the Lutheran Church. This is a nationwide program to help curb hunger on weekends and summer days for children. The program is taken over by EChO in the summer, UMCE will resume its program in August or September.

Adult education classes are scheduled in October with ITF members. Another class will be scheduled in the spring after the General Conference.


A discussion ensued on the decision to use either bread or wafers for Communion Sundays. It was decided by the Church Council that bread will be used; the Pastor will dip the bread into the juice and pass it to the person receiving communion. A separate station with wafers for gluten and allergy free suffers will be provided. This motion was passed by Church Council.

Summer Informal Schedule at 10:30; the affirmation of Faith has been dropped and favorite hymns are chosen during the service.

The candles on the Altar have to be changed for every service; otherwise the right candle will not stay lit. Cokesbury will be consulted for suggestions.

United Methodist Men:

Robin Roberts reported that Rod Kerschenstein had a successful program to end the season. Robin is still working on the statics but reported that the men’s programs ended with a positive balance.

United Methodist Women:

Jeanne Ambrosier reported that the Tea and Hanky program went well with 28 in attendance. Linda Castle has been doing a wonderful job arranging the programs.

Pictorial Directory:

Picture scheduling will be during the month of August. Pictures will be taken in September with opportunities for outdoor settings. The directories will be delivered December 1st. A banner will be made with a collage of all of the pictures to hang. Dustin Cody will be the photographer again, he did the last directory 3 years ago. Jeanne after trustee meetings ponderosa is a big deal someway minutes could be put into the happenings. Keep people updated more communication we have how the money will be used etc. very information of for people to understand.

Closing in prayer: Pastor Fletcher

Respectfully Submitted

Kristin Owen

Lay Care Team

May 12, 2015

Attendance: Russell Fletcher, Charlene Hahn, Penny Page and Ann Gerteis

Rev. Fletcher opened the meeting with prayer.

Prayer List

Chairperson Charlene Hahn updated the May 2015 prayer list.

Shepherding Groups

Shepherding Coordinator Penny Page said that she would be updating the Shepherding Groups working with Kristin in the office.

Penny reported that Joyce Snapp will be the co-host for the Bailey, Pine and Conifer Shepherding Group.

Penny contacted Marlene Waltz, Alice Slanec's Shepherding host. Penny worked with Marlene to provide meals for the Slanec family. They e-mailed a list of food items needed, asking persons to indicate what food they would like to bring for the meals. There was a great response.


Charlene noted that Ruthanne Huber and JoAnn Dunn hosted very nice receptions after the memorial services for Chris Hahn, Jack Stauffer and Glenn Slanec. Charlene will check with the office concerning the finances of the receptions.


Ann Gerteis has visited Elizabeth Baran in Life Care, Rhonda Dern at home, and Lucy Nelson at her rehab center.

Additional Member for Lay Care

It was suggested that Joyce Snapp would be a very welcomed addition to the Lay Care Team.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be June 9, 2015 at 1:30 pm.

Submitted by Ann Gerteis


MAY 5, 2015

In Attendance: Jo Ann and Pem Dunn, Joyce Snapp, Pastor Russell Fletcher, Michael Eaton, Nancy and Mac DeGuire, Tracy Atlas, Bill Graf, Ann Thomas and Linda Schroeder. Nancy York made a special appearance by telephone.

Joyce Snapp opened the meeting with a prayer.

Nepal Disaster – the special offering was taken on May 3rd, Communion Sunday. Although figures were not immediately available, Pastor Russell later reported that $1,445.00 was collected, which will be sent to UMCOR, 100% of which will go to benefit the victims of the earthquake in Nepal. We have had several local families affected, including employees of Walmart and the owners of the Himalayan Restaurant. It was suggested that if people still wish to donate, that they do so through UMCE with donations designated to UMCOR for Nepal. JoAnn Dunn will make sure something is written in Happenings and the Bulletin in regards to this.

Ann Thomas reported that items were collected for the Village of Ghormu. Arrangements are being made to ship these items there.

Tennyson Center Clothing Drive Update – Bill Graf reported that all items were sold and in the back of his car. He will deliver the clothes as soon as he can get down to Tennyson. There may have been a little extra in the way of donations.

Report on the Center for Church & Global AIDS Brunch – Bill Graf was honored as “Hero of the Year” on May 2nd. He brought his award which was a revolving globe. 15 members from UMCE attended in honor of Bill.

Family Promise – The next weekend we are responsible for is:

Friday – June 19 – meal – Jo Ann Vogt – Joyce Snapp will do dessert.

Overnight - ?

June 20 – meal – Janice Vickery – Joyce Snapp will do dessert.

Overnight - ? Bill Graf is a possible back up for the overnight.

Janice Vickery would like advice on the meal. Jo Ann Dunn will see if Colleen Hodge could possibly assist. Joyce Snapp will be out of town but will make the desserts and arrange where they will be left for pick up.

Following the June 19/20 weekend, is September 11 and 12 is the next weekend

We are responsible for.

Suitcases are always needed by Family Promise. Jo Ann will see if we can get a mention in Happenings if people have suitcases to donate. Used suitcases are fine.

EChO Report – Nancy York reported by phone. ECHO has a new, dynamic President leading the board. It is a very exciting time there. Because of family and work obligations, Nancy York is resigning as half of the UMCE representatives. Linda Castle and Nancy shared the position. Nancy feels EChO needs someone with fresh enthusiasm and energy to help implement the many plans being considered. The board meets the 3rd Tuesday of every month, in the Enrichment Center over the retail shop. It was decided to open this new opportunity to the entire church population. Bill is requesting that Nancy Y. write something up to place in the bulletin and Happenings. Anyone possibly interested in this position may contact Nancy York or Bill Graf for more information. Many thanks to Nancy Y. for the many years she represented UMCE.

Mountain Resource Center News – Tracy reported about what was going on at the MRC. 9 Cares, Colorado Shares food drive happens on June 20th, to support MRC and EChO. A Mountain Area Job Fair happens May 12th from 3 to 6pm at Aspen Ridge Church. Connect for Health market place and Medicaid assistance is available by appointment. There are volunteer information parties at MRC on May 6 from 10 to 11:30 and May 10th from 4 to 5:30. A Veterans Rendezvous, including a blood draw sponsored by the 9 Health Fair, is being held May 16 from 7am to 1 pm at MRC.

Mountain Backpacks – Russell’s pickup truck was filled to the brim with supplies for the Mountain Backpacks. The supplies were delivered to the Lutheran Church by Russell and the youth.

Missions Budget – this report was delayed until more information is available.

Communion Sunday Offereings:

June will go to Agape

July will go to EChO

August – DenUm

Equal Exchange Coffee Sales – Missions is responsible for June 7th.

8:30 – Bill Graf

10:30 – Linda Schroeder

It was noted that the coffee sales have 4 benefits

1.It is largely an organic product

2.Farmers in mostly 3rd world countries receive a fair price for their product

3.10% of the profits go to UMCOR

4.We use the fellowship blend for our coffee in fellowship hall, which is purchased from profits we make from the coffee sales

There are brochures in the coffee box explaining the program.

There were no volunteers for the June meeting. Because we have so many new members, it was explained that for the past couple of years, Missions Team members take turns Chairing the meetings. The hope is that more members will step up to Chair meetings in the future, as they feel comfortable to do so. Having one person as Chair for the entire year was also discussed.

Our next scheduled meeting is Tuesday, September 1st, Bill Graf presiding.

Respectfully Submitted,

Nancy N. DeGuire

Inclusiveness Team Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

In attendance: Pem Dunn, Meredith Rupe (via FaceTime), Marlene Waltz, Jeanne Ambrosier, Donna Mullins, Carol Wood, Russell Fletcher, Bill Graf, Katie Zapotoczny

1. Review of Recent Adult Ed Classes Sponsored by the IT

•General agreement that the classes went well, were informative, and generated good discussion

•It was noted that a couple of years ago, such conversations created strong emotions and hard feelings, but UMCE is doing much better job now of having respectful dialogue about homosexuality

•There was some discussion of doing a study on different interpretations of Biblical references to homosexuality

2. Mountain Backpack Program

•Jeanne reported about the backpack program at Evergreen Lutheran Church (on Rt. 73)

•The program is a cooperative effort between the Lutheran Church, the Rotary, and EChO

•Backpacks filled with breakfast, lunch, and snack foods are sent home with children in need every weekend

•The program serves 7 schools in our mountain community; about 50 backpacks are sent home each week

•Volunteers meet at Evergreen Lutheran Church’s church house every Tuesday (adults only) and Wednesday (families welcome) from 5 to 6 pm to pack the backpacks

•We discussed collecting food at UMCE on Sunday, May 3 to donate to the program

•Russell volunteered his truck for collecting the food in

•Marlene will make a sign to hang on the back of the truck

•Katie will talk with Sarah Sailor about getting the children and youth involved in donating food

•We will advertise the food collection date in the Happenings and in the service bulletin and will make announcements during the services

•We also discussed trying to help support the program over the summer; one way to do this may be to find out if VBS participants can collect food for the backpacks (Katie will talk to Sarah about this)

•Carol suggested showing a documentary on hunger in the United States to further highlight this issue

3. Hearing/Sight Committee

•We agreed that we have met the goals of the subcommittee for the time being; we will continue to monitor this area and make adjustments as needed

•One on-going concern is that people are still not using the microphones during announcements, but it was decided that this is an issue for the Worship Team to address

•Thank you, Ann, for all of your hard work!

4. Persons With Disabilities

•Volunteers are still doing a good job of picking up members who need a ride to church

•Let Pem know if you hear of others who need help with getting to church

•Carol and George Wood could use more help with getting firewood for Nicki Seavey; they could use several more volunteers to be on “standby” for the weekends that firewood becomes available.

•Bill volunteered to be on the “standby list;” Russell’s truck can also be used

(is there another truck that’s available??)

•Meredith has suggested that we consider forming a subcommittee that would assist/support families who have children with autism; there are several UMCE families who have children on the autism spectrum

•Carol will look into using therapy dogs for our children with autism

•Russell mentioned that UMCE could use a few more volunteers to be present during youth group; for the safety of all youth, Sarah should not be the only adult present during this time.

5. Gender Subcommittee

•Russell asked Jeanne (our lay delegate to Annual Conference) to support delegates to General Conference who share our views about including gay and lesbian persons in the UMC and who also support maintaining a unified UMC

•Russell suggested that we ask our Church Council to support a petition in support of A Way Forward

Meeting was closed with a prayer

March 15, 2015 Minutes of the Church Council Meeting

Attending: Pastor Russell Fletcher, Dave Loomis, Marcia Loomis, Vickie Borden, Robin Roberts, Jeanne Ambrosier, Matt Sailor, Penn Gildersleeve, Michael Eaton

Opening: Council Chair Dave Loomis requested that speakers try to keep within a 5 minute time limit per item.

Opening Prayer: Pastor Russell Fletcher

Review of January Minutes: Correction by Vickie Borden, 2015 pledges are short of the 2014 pledged amounts, we are hoping for 10 more pledges to bring 2015 up to the 2014 amounts. Then we will come in at the same amount as 2014 and will still be able to meet the budget. Vickie and Lorna met to discuss an education budget, not the spending of one.

A movement was made by Dave Loomis to accept the amended January minutes, Penn Gildersleeve seconded, January minutes approved.

Finance: Vickie Borden, reported that we have new church accountant Kelly Gamrat who attended the finance meeting March 12, her email is accountant@evergreenumc.org. Kelly is still being trained.

Status of funds; the actual pledges received in 2015 are under budget. We need $23,392 per month to remain on budget. End of February we were $8,301 short. It’s still early in the year and we have faith that we can finish the year as well as we did in 2014. Membership is up so that should bring in more money.

Expense in January exceed budget. February expenses were under budget. Hopefully we are on the right track. Total expenses YTD are $54,108 total income YTD is $39,971 for a net loss YTD of $14,137.

United Methodist Federal Credit Union (UMFCU) Point of Sale progress. We have been planning to accept credit cards for purchases in Fellowship Hall. The process has been much more complicated than it was supposed to be. Problems with the hardware, UMFCU says they have determined how to correct there problem. They are supposed to be sending us a retail store type terminal and will walk us through test transactions. They have refunded the fee they charged us in Feb. since we still don’t have a working operation. Hopefully we will be up and running in the next month or so. At this time it is not clear who will operate the machine.

Trustee's: Penn Gildersleeve provided the attached list of inventory under the sanctuary. Each group within the church will be contacted and asked to take responsibility for their items within the next month. According to fire code we should have nothing flammable in this area and new storage solutions will need to be explored. The storage shed will also need to be inventoried, and a suggestion was made for a yearly inventory of storage areas. Thank you to Marilyn and Penn Gildersleeve for all of the hard work they have done on this project.

Pastor Report: Pastor Russell Fletcher reviewed Membership, total income and the average Sunday attendance.

Facility Growth: Penn Gildersleeve Please see the power point presentation copies entitled Is Selling The Ponderosa House Still The Right Thing to Do? This is avaliable in the church office.

After review Dave Loomis suggested that we proceed with selling the ponderosa house. The trustee team will continue to look at growth options, monitor revenue and if we start seeing pluses we can get serious about looking at growth. Penn Gildersleeve, Dave Loomis and Russell Fletcher where thanked for the information and Penn was thanked for the presentation.

Missions: Mexican luncheon was today and over $700 was raised for the youth mission. Thank you to Nancy’s and Mac’s great leadership, extra thanks to Nancy for again covering the cost of the food purchased for the luncheon!!!

Support for the Equal Exchange coffee sales is appreciated and its mission will be mentioned again in Happenings. A concern has been expressed over the coffee’s expense; it is an UMCOR mission and provides coffee for Fellowship. Michael has also been ordering chocolates, and honey from Gautama.

Membership: The membership Lenten services start this week. Jeanne Ambrosier sent 30 we have missed you postcards with only 3 returned. Membership is looking for new team members. Greeter and Ushers are needed in both services.

Education: We have 9 students who will be confirmed Easter Sunday, with 14 confirmed in the fall of 2014 that makes 23 new members in the past year. We still need volunteers for children and youth for safe sanctuary requirements of 2 adults at all times. Penn Gildersleeve had spoken with Sarah who mentioned that instead of giving each individual graduated a gift she would like to do something in memory of the class of 2015. At this time she will be purchasing a garden planter or a small pine. Adult education has had good attendance and is being advertised in the canyon courier under Religion Briefs for free.

Worship: We are still having a problem with the candles staying lit during services; a discussion ensued on correct acolyte protocol. Robin Roberts will be discussing this with Sarah Sailor.

United Methodist Women: Jeanne Ambrosier reported on the Easter Baskets assembled on Saturday for the Mountain Peace shelter. The April 17 date has been cancelled, the next program will be on May 9th.

United Methodist Men: Robin Roberts reported that they have no March meeting; the next meeting is April 11.

The meeting was closed in prayer by Pastor Fletcher. Next meeting TBD.

Respectfully Submitted, Kristin Owen

Minutes of Building & Grounds Committee Meeting 3/10/15

Present: Lauren Alter, Penn Gildersleeve, Frank Platt, Peter Lindquist, Dave Loomis, Roland Schroeder, Donna Mullins, Russell Fletcher, Alice Slanec

At the February meeting of Church Council some of the members ask if selling Ponderosa House was the right thing to do. Because of their questions the trustees voted to do more research on the need & costs of a new church and to extend the lease for 90 days while this could be done. Penn researched the plans that had been used when the building campaign was started and Dave did a power point spread sheet analyzing when we would need a larger sanctuary based on membership growth and related costs. It was concluded that we don't need additional sanctuary space at this time. Russell added what we needed now would be more educational space, youth space, handicapped rest rooms and choir suite as well as Great Escape classrooms. Dave will give this information to the council and suggest we continue on the plan to sell Ponderosa House with proceeds (after paying off the balloon mortgage) to go to redoing the driveway, addressing the rest room concerns, and possible expansion of the narthex. Future plans for an add on educational wing could be considered.

The building fund will be used to pay for the work on the driveway/parking lot areas and yes we should be in the planning stages to get on a contractor's schedule since our summers are so short.

Russell reported their had been a code red issued on Tuesday for a lock down due to a car thief being chased in the Safeway parking lot. The programed lock on the door presented a learning experience on how to do a lock down.

Peter's financial report showed no unusual expenditures except paper supplies and more snow removal.

Penn explained that the valves in the heating system in both the sanctuary and nursery need to be repaired and will be costly. Frank will be the middleman to work with the plumber from Blue Sky. A motion was passed to allow $2,000 for the 2 values if needed. Another repair in the ladies rest room was done by Roland.

Last item of business was Donna's request that the quilt from Fellowship hall that was removed when the room was painted be cleaned and rehung. This was agreed to be done.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Alice Slanec




In Attendance: Pastor Russell Fletcher, Jo Ann and Pem Dunn, Nancy DeGuire, Roger Ambrosier, Linda Castle, Jo Ann Vogt, Linda Schroeder, Tracy Atlas, Joyce Snapp, Janice Vickery, Bill Graf and Michael Keaton

Jo Ann Vogt led the meeting.

Pastor Russell opened with a prayer at 6:00pm.

Team Chairmen for the next 2 meetings

Tuesday, April 7th – Bill Graf

Tuesday, May 5th – Jo Ann Dunn

Mexican Luncheon

The Mexican luncheon is scheduled for after the 10:30 service on Sunday, March 15th. The following is a list of volunteers:

Bill Graf - Shopping for supplies, announcing the lunch at the beginning of the 10:30 service, manning front door

Mac DeGuire – chef

Nancy DeGuire – 2 casseroles

Nancy York – 2 cassesroles

Jo Ann Dunn – 2 casseroles

Janice Vickery – 2 casseroles

Linda Schroeder – l casserole

Marilyn Gildersleeve – 2 casseroles

Linda Castle – pulled pork and fixings

Tracy Atlas – guacamole

Deb Hayson, Linda Castle, Linda Schroeder and ANYONE who wants to help (I’m sure there will be a lot!) – clean up

A formal vote was taken to donate the funds raised to the Youth Mission Trip to take place this summer. It will be a local missions inspired by St. Francis of Assisi and his love for animals and the environment. The Youth will be working at 5 different animal shelter/rescue locations.

Team members may come at anytime but the big “push” for getting the tables set up, places set, etc. will begin between 9:50-10:00. Hopefully this can be done by 10:30 so those who want to attend worship may do so. We could use a couple of people to help take food to the tables between 11:15 and 11:30. Please bring your casseroles to the kitchen with a note on top with the time required to heat up.

*Special note – all leftovers to be saved for Jim Ament, Pat Webers and Terry Vogt who are hosting an event on Weds.

If anyone has any questions, please contact Nancy DeGuire.

Family Promise – Jo Ann Dunn reporting

Our next weekend is covered, as far as volunteers:

April 4th – dinner – the Yorks

overnight - the Yorks

April 5th – dinner - Jo Ann Vogt

overnight – Bill Graf

Our next turn will be:

June 19 – dinner – Linda Castle? She will confirm

Overnight - ?

June 20 – dinner Joyce Snapp and Jo Ann Vogt

Overnight - ?

Family Promise is sponsoring a funder raiser concert – “From the Heart” on March 21st from 7-9pm. Anyone interested can contact Jo Ann Dunn.

Coffee Sales

April 12th – UM Men’s group

May 3rd – UMW

June 7th – Missions

We need to remind people, when they are purchasing bags of coffee, that it is fair trade coffee and any proceeds go to paying for the coffee in fellowship hall which is provided at no charge.

Tennyson Center

We will be providing childrens clothes for the boutique at Tennyson Center by purchasing the clothes and then having people “buy” the clothes to be donated to the children living at Tennyson. Bill is checking with Katie Zapotoczny to see if she is willing to make the initial purchase of the clothes. Jo Ann Dunn will then take the clothes, make a list and tag all of the clothing. The clothes will be offered for sale in Fellowship Hall on Sunday, April 12th. If they are not all sold, we continue the sale the next Sunday. Nancy DeGuire will contact Kristin in the office and make sure this gets in Happenings and the Bulletin.

Center for the church and Global Aids Fundraising Brunch

A benefit is being held on May 2nd at 11:00am at the University of Denver. Missions Team member Bill Graf is being honored as “Hero of the Year”!! The benefit proceeds will go to support orphans in Kenya. Jo Ann Dunn will look into seeing if we can purchase a block of tickets. Congratulations Bill!


Linda Castle reported that EChO had been nominated for “non-profit of the year”. Although they didn’t win, it was an honor to be nominated.

Mountain Resource Center – Tracy Atlas reported that the Mountain Resource Center is having a job fair in joint venture with EChO on March 18th.

Mountain Peace Shelter

Jo Ann Dunn reported that the UMW is assembling Easter baskets for children living at the Mountain Peace Shelter.

Blessing Bags

Bill Graf reported that the available supply of blessing bags has been replenished.

Communion Offerings

Communion Offerings continue to be collected on Communion Sunday. In March the offering went to One Great Hour.

Budget Report

Michael Eaton reported that is some Adult Missions money available. Also, there is some money in the Community Meal Fund. Michael also updated the calendar and has made that available to the team.

Our next meeting is Tuesday, April 7th at 6PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Nancy N. DeGuire

Education Team, March 2015

• Children’s Choir: This is going well. Jo Ann is meeting with the children for the first 10 minutes of Action Pack on Sundays when the choir is scheduled to sing before the Children’s Moment.

• Correlation Levels for Children Sunday School Lessons:

•We currently have two different levels for the 9:30 Sunday School: Early Elementary and Upper Elementary. A meeting will be scheduled with the teachers sometime in the summer to talk about the curriculum and to determine whether or not they would like to change curricula from Grow! Sarah reports that Grow! Is leveled as appropriately as we can for our small and diverse age groups.

•Action Pack at 10:30 is currently a one-room group. In the Fall, we will consider splitting this into two classes, as the group is now consistently between 10-15 kids, and ranges from Preschool – 5th grade. Sarah would prefer to keep the one-room format, but have two teachers: one to work with the older kids and one to work with the younger. The issue is that we would need more volunteers, and those are very difficult to obtain.

• Volunteers with Children and Youth:

•Youth Sunday School: We still need a volunteer to teach Youth Sunday School (Grades 6-12) at 9:30. It is a small group (3-5 youth), and we have a curriculum in place.

•EverKids: As soon as we find a Youth Sunday School leader, Sarah will serve as a floating volunteer, which will put us in compliance with Safe Sanctuary. As far as training for teachers to work with children with special needs, Sarah recommends it would be best to make that a part of the summer teacher meetings.

•Action Pack: See above. Still looking for more volunteers.

•Youth Group: Alison Barnes is helping out when she is available, and Sarah is asking parents who volunteer to bring lunch to stay for youth group, in order to put us in compliance with Safe Sanctuary.

• Vacation Bible School:

•Plans are coming together.

•We still need volunteers.

•The theme is Everest!

•Week of June 1-5, 2015

• Confirmation Classes:

•We have nine young people going through confirmation and being guided by Russell.

•They have a meeting on 3/13, a meeting on Easter morning, and they will be confirmed in the 10:30 service on Easter morning.

•From Russell regarding Confirmation Classes: We have nine great young people joining the church that day. Add to the in last year’s fall class and that’s 23 beautiful kids in one year!

•Youth Group:

•Our youth will be going to see the movie, Selma; they are excited to hear from marchers during the 5/31 Adult Education program.

• Youth Mission Service Project:

•The youth will be volunteering with animals this year.

•Study will be focused on St. Francis’ ministry to animals.

•Horse Protection League, Charlie’s Place, and the Wild Animal Sanctuary have already responded to us about our helping them with the animals.

•Sarah is looking into whether or not the Bailey Women’s Shelter has a shelter for the pets of displaced women. We think it might!

•Adult Education:

•The Adult Education program is going well with attendance varying from 7 to 22 depending upon the topic.

•Lorna designs the program and schedules speakers. Lorna and Sarah prepare the marketing booklet and Kristin advertises upcoming sessions in the Canyon Courier.

•Problems have occurred with room scheduling conflicting with choir practice. The new policy is that all church meeting rooms will be scheduled through the church office.

•The Adult Education program session schedule has now been completed through May 2015. Upcoming topics to be advertised in the future are:

March 15: ECHO: Economic Diversity in Evergreen

Facilitator: Sharon Smith

Does our church need to place more focus on being more inclusive to those in our community who do not have the income and/or education that most of the members of our church have? Often times, our speaker, Sharon Smith hears, "Oh, there's no need in our community" or "We have a food bank in Evergreen? Why?" EChO serves over 300 unique households every month. People seeking assistance have come from every area of Evergreen and for a variety of reasons. What is the need in our mountain community? And who are the families who visit EChO? Hunger in America has reached epidemic proportions, and even in our community, we have children going to school hungry and people who do not have enough food to eat. Come learn about the issues facing our community and what is being done to help.

April 5: Easter

March 22, March 29, April 12, April 19 and April 26: History of Christianity's First 1000 Years

Facilitators: Lorna Idol and Bob Gerteis

Developed in 2014, this three-hour long video, explores the first 1000 years of Christianity. We will divide the video into five segments with video viewing followed by discussion for each of the five sessions. The video is based on scholarly Biblical research and historical documentation.

How did a community that was largely invisible in the first two centuries of its existence go on to remake the civilizations it inhabited, culturally, politically, and intellectually? The Biblical scholars in this video describe the dramatic spread and development of Christianity over the first thousand years of its history. Moving through the formation of early institutions, practices, and beliefs to the transformations of the Roman world after the conversion of Constantine, new light is shed on the subsequent stories of Christianity in the Latin West, the Byzantine and Slavic East, the Middle East, and Central Asia.

Through a selected narration of particularly noteworthy persons and events, the video demonstrates how the coming of Christianity set in motion one of the most profound revolutions the world has known. This is not a story limited to the West; rather, Christian communities in Ethiopia, Nubia, Armenia, Georgia, Persia, Central Asia, India, and China shaped the course of Christian history. The rise and spread of Islam had a lasting impact on the future of Christianity, and some content is devoted to the early experiences of Christians under Muslim rule. This collection of historical events reminds us that Christianity is characterized by decline and attrition, as well as by growth and expansion. It the story of how Christianity has become a worldwide religion.

May 3: More on Death and Dying

Facilitator: Dr. Daniel Johnson

Dr. Daniel Johnson will be leading this session offering a more general conversation about preparing for the passing over of ourselves and our loved ones. Emphasis will be placed upon honoring our personal values, planning for advance care, determining if palliative care is needed (what it is and is not), and how we, as individuals, caregivers, and family/loved ones, can obtain the care we want when facing serious or advanced illnesses.

May 10: Testimony of Faith, the Body of Christ in Syria and Iraq—How We Can Help

Facilitator: Majenica Rupe

While the news from Syria and Iraq generally promotes fear and uncertainty, we can be encouraged to hear stories of unwavering faith of our brothers and sisters in Syria and Iraq as the Lord strengthens and comforts them in their time of great trial. This presentation will show a video made by the Voice of the Martyrs and put forth the tangible ways that we can help our spiritual family this winter season and beyond.

May 17: Mountain Resource Center

Facilitator: Lorye McLeod, CEO

Paragraph to be added

May 31: The March from Selma to Montgomery

Facilitators: Ann and Mike Moore

The Moore’s presentation will be about their experience marching into Montgomery and listening to Martin Luther King's speech. The film, Selma, captures the terror of the experience, but does not capture the exhilaration of the singing . . . it was the singing that kept up the spirits and courage of those who marched in this courage walk and statement of support for Black Americans. Mike and Ann will share four or five of the songs they learned on the march, talk about the various aspects of the march that were so terrifying, and entertain questions and discussion. They will show a DVD of six minutes of newsreels that the marchers were all seeing on TV showing the three initiatives to start the march, the police riot at the Pettus Bridge on the edge of Selma, the transformation of the numbers from maybe 60 on the first day to approximately 25,000 marchers, who responded to the outrage that Americans had been watching on the news, President Johnson calling out the army and National Guard to protect the marchers, and various scenes of the marching/singing. Please join us for this compelling presentation and an important milestone in the history of freeing all of our American people.

June, July, August: No sessions

SEPTEMBER: In Planning Stage

A Power Point presentation and discussion by Russell and Diane Fletcher on their trip to Italy and its beautiful cathedrals and the Vatican (postpone until Fall 2015).

September or October: Church Finances

Facilitators: Vickie Borden and Paul Graham

Vickie and Paul are planning on explaining the church year--financially, from the budgeting process, the pledges and how we spend our money. This session will be aligned with the budgeting process for the 2016 year. Instructions will be provided for the Committee/Team chairpersons to prepare their budgets.

OCTOBER: In Planning Stage

NOVEMBER: In Planning Stage

Dec. 6 and Dec. 13: The Journey

Facilitator: Kristin Owen

A Christmas story of the Biblical journey of Mary, Joseph and Jesus with CD and guided questions for discussion.

Dec. 20: The Meaning of Advent

Facilitator: Rev. Russell Fletcher

THE MEANING OF ADVENT - Advent, from the Latin “ad venio” (to come to) is a season of four Sundays preceding the Christmas season. Advent is a time of penitence and preparation for the coming of Christ anew into our hearts. During this session we will look at the customs, traditions, and special events in the season and how they relate to the Coming of the King. We will also share ways we can make the season more meaningful in our own lives and the life of our church.

Dec. 27: No Session between Christmas and New Years

Session Planning in Progress:

•The subject of immigration: perhaps a two-person panel about

what could/should be done about the border issue - as well as what to do

with illegal persons who are already in the United States. Suggestions for a speaker?

•Warren Village...speaker from the village explaining how they help

those residents to learn new skills, to find jobs, to connect with area resources, etc.

A Resource List of Topics Offered by Russell Fletcher:

•A multi-part series on Achieving Financial Peace.

•Karen Armstrong: Different types of religion

Minutes of Building and Grounds Committee Feb. 3, 2015

Present: Penn Gildersleeve, Peter Lindquist, Russell Fletcher, Lauren Alter, Roland Schroeder, Donna Mullins, Frank Platt and Alice Slanec

Penn started the meeting with a "Brief History of the Building" he handed out, a time line account for both new and old members. This was followed by a discussion on the sale of Ponderosa house. Penn reported that some members of the church council had strong feelings against the sale. Because of this new uncertainty Peter made a motion to research this further and ask the tenants if they would like a 90 day extension to the lease. The motion was approved to have Alice talk to them.

Church council ask the trustees to organize the Christmas decorations that are in disarray in the crawl space. Penn & Marilyn have spent 2 1/2 hours pulling boxes out and starting the project but need help from the youth leader (there are 13 boxes of hand painted glassware) and worship committee (many boxes of Christmas lights) as to what should be kept.

Roland volunteered to fix the toilet in the womans' restroom, Rich will be asked to replace the tiles in front of the freezer as it has leaked again and Dave needs a volunteer to take over maintenance of the van.

Church Mutual had 3 recommendations after their recent inspection. One is to strap down all t.v.'s (Peter will take care of that), two was install a .G.F.I. in each bathroom (Penn will ask Mike to handle that) and the 3rd item was van training ( Penn will check on where to get assistance).

Peter gave the financial report and explained that workman's comp which is charged to our account greatly changed the figures due to Church Mutual delay in reporting final figures.

Russell gave an FYI on a safety issue that trustees need to be made aware. When the youth group meets a second adult is needed to be present to properly supervise all the youth. It doesn't work to use parents for special needs youth.

Meeting adjourned @ 9:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Alice Slanec=

Report: Education Team Meeting, January 28, 2015, 7:00 – 8:00 PM

Children’s Choir:

•We will have a Children’s Choir and Jo Ann Dunn is going to direct the Children’s Choir.

•Children’s Choir practice will take place at the beginning of Action Pack.

•The choir will also use the rhythm instruments from the Great Escape program.

•They will begin with simple songs the children already know using the rhythm instruments in addition. Later one, dancing and movement may be included.

•Older children will be encouraged to model for younger children and to gather the rhythm instruments.

Children’s Programs:

•The curriculum remains the same; Sarah will examine the curricular levels for correlation, which could help with making differentiation easier for teachers with the wide range of skill levels and ages of children in the classes.

•Sarah has requested the hiring of an aide to assist in the Sunday School programs with children with special needs, particularly autism, and to extend through Youth Group. Julie said the aide would need to be paid $12 - $15 per hour. Lorna offered to confer with Russell on the possibility of use of some Education funds or procurement of a university special education intern. Russell has since suggested we start with finding a volunteer for the Sunday School hour.

•There are 10 children in EverKids and five in the second to fifth grade class.

•Susan and Robin Roberts are teaching the primary class and Judy Antner and Maggie Boines are teaching the older group of children.

•Action Pack volunteers now include: Alison Barnes, Joel and Lysha Foster, Jen Drake and Sarah. This is going well; Children’s Choir practice will be added. When Sarah is not leading this group, she is working on preparation for the Youth Group.

•Lorna has suggested we offer some inservice training for Sunday School teachers on differentiation. Julie suggested use of an outside consultant, but perhaps this could be done in house.

•Continued use of Treats Box? This will be continued in the more controlled manner Sarah used this before in the Children’s Store.

Sarah has begun work on teaching our children to be respectful in the sanctuary during church services, especially how they are leaving the sanctuary. They are learning to have an Attitude of Prayer followed by a closing prayer.

Youth Education:

Youth Group

•Sarah will explore with Michael Eaton how he might assist as an adult volunteer; he will be available sometimes. More volunteers (not parents) are needed.

•Parents volunteering food effort is going very well.

•Meeting time is 12:00 – 2:00 pm Sundays.

•The program content for Youth Group is progressing well with what Jordan and the youth had established. They are currently working on dealing with peer pressure.

•The program includes: Lunch, Check In, Play Games (20 minutes) and Devotional Time (20 minutes).

•Current number of participants? The larger group is graduating from high school in May; senior girls are not attending; the younger group is smaller and more flexible; 30 youth attended the ice skating activity.

•On Feb. 8, 2:45 PM at the church, Youth Boosters will meet, which is a planning committee to manage and generate ideas for a youth mission venture.

•Last year, the Education Team agreed that the focus would be on a local mission, not on a more expensive one out of state or out of country.

Youth Sunday School

•Youth Sunday School is in progress and participants are working on asking hard questions: Can I Ask That?

•Average attendance was not reported.

Adult Education Program:

•Planning for 2015 sessions is complete for January, February, March and most of April and all of December, 2015. The booklet is available and sessions are advertised weekly, and in advance, on Happenings.

•The team had no new ideas for for session topics for May, September – November 2015. Lorna asked the team to e-mail any new ideas to her.

•Attendance is improving up to 20 – 27 compared to earlier 3 – 24. High attendance has been for the Paul series, the Rwanda series and the two sessions on Inclusivity. Ten attended the recent session on ebola with Jennifer Zimmer.

Great Escape Preschool Program:

•All is going well with a waiting list.

Minutes of the Church Council Meeting

January 11, 2015

Opening: Dave Loomis opened the meeting at 11:45 am.

Opening Prayer: Pastor Russell

Purpose of Meeting: General Meeting

Finance Report: Vicki Borden: Not all 2014 pledges have been paid. Hoping for 10 more to be brought up to date. 2015 Pledges are in and should be able to meet budget. The year ended with a surplus of $12,000 +.

Trustees: Penn Gildersleeve. Requested history of all past acquisitions pertaining to the church building. Pastor Russell will provide this information.

A review of the years past accomplishments:

Parking lot lights, Fire Alarm system refurbished, New windows for the church, Kitchen floor repaired, Air conditioner for the office, Carpets cleaned, Insurance inspection with good results. Van door hinges were repaired and replaced. $600+ cost.

Long Term Needs/Projects: Unisex bathroom/shower to be located in library room, Repave parking lot, Enhance Church Entry & Sanctuary entry with new doors, Paint church building, and eventually replace van.

Ponderosa House will need a fix up bids before putting on the market to sell.

A significant spring cleanup will be planned.

Church insurance has increased due to Great Escape Workers Comp. Penn, Vicki, Janet & Julie will meet to resolve responsibility for Workers Comp.

Missions: Michael Eaton, Need to tighten down on record keeping. The need to recruit more individuals for overnight stays hosting for Family Promise.

Membership: Terry Vogt, Banner year for new members. The upcoming year will see the same schedule as in the previous year except for much of the previous paid talent will now be provided by our talented church members.

Education: Lorna Idol reported on all the youth classes.We’re seeing 10-15 youth in Sunday School. Parents will be ask to help out on Action Pack.

Vacation Bible School will make few changes. Fees will be changed.

Youth will be doing more Bible & Scripture study.

More help is needed in Sunday school.

Adult Education, need to find more individuals with various expertise to teach adult classes.

Vicki & Lorna will get together and sort out what’s being spent for education.

Worship: JoAnn Dunn; Communion table will consist of station of gluten free, reg. bread and wafers for those with extreme allergies.

Discussion of a children’s choir and possibly seeing how many were interested in attending. JoAnn to possibly lead if time schedule allowed and enough children were committed.

Men’s Group: Robin Roberts; Good turnouts for breakfast and presentations. The group donated $300 to Bill Graff’s Rwanda UMC Project.

Other discussion:Major clean out of the storage basement and reorganize and downsize things that have been there for many years. Christmas decorations need to be organized differently for next year.

We will be organize a special clean out, sort and rid of items in the basement storage facility. Notice will be given to everyone that might have something stored in the basement as to what they want done with items.

Other items: Melanie Rosa will be at the pulpit Feb. 15 while Pastor Russell is away.

Pastor Russell made a MOTION FOR ADJOURNMENT BY AND SECOND BY: Robin Roberts

Closing Prayer by Pastor Russell

Next meeting: MARCH 9TH, 2015

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