King Soopers Rewards Program

King Soopers will be calculating the 5% rewards based on customers' use of their regular rewards card (this is the card you scan to get your in-store discounts; you may also put in your phone number instead).

In order for the United Methodist Church (UMC) of Evergreen to be the recipient of 5% of your spending on gas and groceries, you need to designate us as your preferred organization. Just follow the detailed instructions below.   If you don’t have a computer or need help setting up your account, please let the church know and we will help you.


Once you complete this process, each time you use your rewards card King Soopers will donate 5% of your purchase amount to UMC Evergreen.

Register at the King Soopers website,


Step 1: Create an online account (if you already have an online account, skip to Step 2)

•    Scroll down and select “Create an Account”
•    Under Sign-in information, enter your email and create a password
•    Sign in
•    Select “Use Card Number”
•    Enter your King Soopers Rewards Card number or your alternate ID (usually a phone number), then enter your last name and zip code
•    Under Select your Preferred Store, enter your zip code
•    Select “Find Store” and choose your store
•    Select “Create Account”
•    Continue to step 2 to designate UMC Evergreen as your preferred charitable organization

Step 2: Link your Rewards Card to UMC Evergreen

•    On top right, hover over the carat and click on "Sign in" or if you are still logged in click on the image of a person

•    Once signed in, Select “My Account” from the drop down menu
•    Under Account Summary, scroll down and click on “Community Rewards”
•    Under “Find an Organization” enter our code HV438 or our name and click "Search"
•    UMC Evergreen will show up - click on "Enroll"


Safeway Rewards Program

Safeway grocery cards are sold at the church for $10. Then you can add money to them when you are at Safeway. To purchase a Safeway card on Sunday’s see Charlene Hahn or Barb Grindle. You may purchase a Safeway card at the church office during the week. The church receives a donation of 5% of your purchase when you use your Safeway card. Please keep purchasing and re-loading Safeway gift cards!

The money earned from the grocery program supplements our income and helps pay the church operating expenses. Many thanks for all the ways you support our church fund raising programs!