Nesting  A HOME 

for refugees

"You must love [the immigrant] as yourself, because you were immigrants in the land of Egypt; I am the Lord your God."
                                                                                        - Leviticus 19:24

As we seek to love our neighbors near and far,  we are partnering with the African Community Center, Evergreen Lutheran Church, and Deer Park United Methodist Church to Nest-A-Home for a newly-arrived refugee family settling in the Denver area.

Nesting a Home involves collecting all the initial furnishings and household items that a family will need as they settle into their new home in the USA. At UMCE, we are coordinating the collection of items to ensure that when a refugee family arrives, they have a safe, secure, and fully stocked home in which to begin their new lives.

You can help with this project right now! We are in the midst of our collection project for 2024. You can be a part of it by:

DONATING ITEMS - follow this link to a list of needed items (If you would like help shopping for your items, we're happy to help! Contact the church office to get in touch with our shoppers.)

DONATING MONEY - all of the donations we collect will go toward buying items from our list and/or making a donation to the African Community Center's Nesting A Home project. Click here to go to our church's giving page. Make a one-time donation and please leave a note with your gift that it should go to the Nesting Project.

And find out more about the African Community Center here!

Read about our Nesting Project in the Canyon Courier here!

2023 Nesting Project Update!

Thank you to everyone who donated items or gave a financial contribution toward our 2023 Nesting Project! We were able to collect all of the items on our list and then some!

The family we worked with for this project was a family of 3 with a young child. They are settling in and we were glad to be a small part of welcoming them to their new life in the USA.